Motherboard articles

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CIM Author results
We tested the LGA6 motherboard with 7 1155 Series PCH Written by Gábor Pintér (gabi123) 33650
We tested the Bulldozer: FX-8150 and three 990FX motherboards on the testpad Written by Gábor Pintér (gabi123) 44134
We tested: ASUS M5A99X EVO, Sabertooth 990FX, Crosshair V Formula: Waiting for a Bulldozer Written by Gábor Pintér (gabi123) 16646
They're cheap at the "speed" By: Tárnok Zoltán 15019
890FXA-UD7 vs. CrossHair IV Formula, X6 1090T - Does AMD Break Back? Written by Gábor Pintér (gabi123) 30705
Tension unceasing - should this be us? By: Tárnok Zoltán 23215
X58A-UD9 vs. Rampage III Extreme, with i7 980X - crown? Written by Gábor Pintér (gabi123) 28952
Speakers from Scythe and other delicacies By: Tárnok Zoltán 15446

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