BIG BANG: HD 5970, HD 5870 CrossFireX, HD 5850 CrossFireX (english version)

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We do not want long opening for our present article, everybody is interested about the result. Unfortunately, few people may allow the cards of our test in this little country, maybe the Radeon HD 5850 and GTX 285 is available, but HD 5870, especially the two cards system or HD 5970 with dual GPU is belong to category of astronomical price. So this article is not giving a real purchase alternative, just an interesting read. Happily we are in that situtation, we can try, analyse these monsters. So we can gauge power of the market's fastest models in these days. The HD 5850 can be interesting itself, because we did not have chance to get acquainted with it, but we get two card now. So we are able to measure single card and Crossfire too. We are curious about the difference between Crossfire 5850s and HD 5970. We have known HD 5870, but we have not known what can produce in pair. Unfortunately we had few problems under the time of the test, the reason was Catalyst 10.1, the gray-dead appeared in our studio too. But from these later…

Heavy cards on leather

All of the high-end Radeon offer DirectX 11 compatibility of course, so we felt necessary to fresh the list of games. According to this got into the test applications the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyat and Colin McRae: Dirt 2. These are good subjects because both title can use some option of the new API, can handle the testellation and there are accessible gauge application. Exterior game uses a former application and the latter has gauge module inside the game.

We hope, we can serve good piquancy, because the site did not have high-end cards test long time ago. So there is nothing left to say, good appetite for the reading!

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