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  • Data controller name: HOC Ltd., hereinafter referred to as HOC
  • Headquarters: 2030 Érd, Bihari Street 71.
  • Data management name: Marketing newsletter send
  • Data management registration number: NAIH-69899 / 2013

No personal data is required to view the information on this site. However, some services may require certain personal information (name, email address, delivery address, phone number, etc.). HOC will not disclose the information it receives to any third party, except under the law, under any circumstances. If the visitor decides that the editorial staff will not contact you on the basis of the information provided, this request is always respected by the HOC.

When operating, the following key principles are considered in the HOC:

Personal information that has not been deliberately disclosed will not be retained or resumed. Consciously handed private data will only be used for the purpose for which the HOC has been made available to you and will not be used for any other use under any circumstances.

It publishes registration or user data only in a statistically processed form, unrelated to unique identifiers. The editorial staff protects the private data it holds by all legitimate methods of unauthorized persons.

The HOC receives information automatically generated from visitors to the site: the visitor's Internet Protocol (IP) address, domain name (URL), date of visit, viewed pages data, name of the browser used. HOC uses them solely for website analysis, tracking trend and statistical information, and destroying data after processing.

We do not process personal data of race origin, political opinion, religious or other beliefs or health or sexual life unless domestic law provides adequate safeguards. This also applies to personal data relating to criminal convictions.

HOC is currently using some unique features, so-called cookies on our users' computers. Cookies are only intended to facilitate authentication of users and are not used for any other purpose. Our visitors can receive a cookie from the auditing company from our site and from the server of the server serving the ads. Acceptance of cookies is optional (you can disable it in your browser), but some of our services (such as posts in the forum) can only be accepted.

Access to data:

For the data recorded by HOC, members of the company operating the site (HOC Ltd. 2030 Érd, Bihari Street 71.) Have access. The website also contains links to other web pages, but HOC does not take any responsibility for the content and method of other websites.


Registration at also involves subscribing to the HOC newsletter. If you do not want us to receive a newsletter, you can unsubscribe from this page after signing in to the menu newsletter section. We send newsletters once a week to our readers. In addition to the week's most popular news, the newsletter includes the offers of the HOC Bolt Web Store.

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