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Where to buy a coupon, what kind of transport you choose, here's the quick stop so you're sure not to pay more than you have to!

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Chinese webshops are growing like mushrooms, and a lot of companies are trying to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market. However, there are great differences between a web store and webshop, for example, from the fact that many people are not aware of the difference between the marketplace and the actual webshop.

Let's start with this question. Marketplaces work so that we can get a lot of small or big dealers on a single surface. Such as Ebay or Aliexpress. These marketplaces have the great advantage of having a great selection, but this is also a disadvantage because it is much more difficult to choose the right product. You have to pay attention to how much you bought from the merchant and to what customer evaluations your merchant has received. If you buy unguarded, you can easily jump into bigger slots, then you can negotiate with the merchant, the marketplace operator or, if there is a chance to buy Pay Palos, with PayPal.

The classic webshop is completely different. These are supervised by a company, there are not many traders. The drawback is that this narrows the supply, the advantage is that in most cases it is easier to reach them in case of a problem. With regard to prices, there is a great deal of scattering, you have to be a classic webshop, you have to make the marketplace win. Overall, we recommend that if you are a beginner or more in classic department stores, if you are a skilled practitioner abroad, at least you speak English at a level that you can use, you can go to a marketplace.

In this article, we will deal with three webshops, present their surface, where to choose the way of delivery or where to enter the coupon code, so we can continue to afford the products that are still good enough.

I would like to tell you that I can not have a store I did not hear about, or even a serious complaint. This has never caused me to be warned of buying because, on the one hand, a fraction of the complaint is a fraction of the complaint-free purchases, the complaint sounds louder. On the other hand, we have to accept that the price of the cheap is that in the case of a complaint we will not find a physical shop where we can hack the table, or maybe ask for the buyers' book. We have to introduce other practices in the Chinese department stores, but I will write it at the end of this article.


First, according to their own announcement, China is the second largest store after Aliexpress. This certainly gives some confidence, especially that Aliexpress, as you read above, is not a classic store.

The advantage of GearBest is its size. Because of this, there are lots of products, phones and more on this interface, so we can first buy it here. In addition, due to size, we are waiting for a lot of action, for bigger occasions such as birthday action or black Friday promotions offer bomb prices.

Another advantage is that GearBest has opened up many European warehouses in recent years. From these ordered products you can arrive very quickly to us if there is no interruption, even within 5-7 working days. In addition, we can be sure that there is no customs duty or VAT on the price displayed in the store, so we do not have to pay anything other than shipping and shipping.

Gearb is the product of technical gadgets, so the phones, tablets, 3D printers and their counterparts can be found in the largest selection. But lately there is more and more games and clothing, so we can say that whatever we are looking for is worth looking around. Which is not typical of parts and DIY packs. So here it is not worth looking for drone parts - there is, but not many - but it is worth looking at drons because there are good goods.

The web shop's surface is easily transparent. On the opening page, right above, find the things you need to buy. We can choose the language of the page, the currency in which we want to see the price of the products. There are already a number of stores in the country, which are examples of the language, but the Hungarian is not yet among them. True, the sparrows are chirping that it will soon be.

What I can suggest, if you are a bit, really just a bit good about angel, you should use it because the translation can be machine-made, sometimes interesting Hungarian texts. The other is that it is worth to look at the dollar price, because the webshop may be different from the forint amount shown on the switch, so it is difficult to compare the price of the products. So stay with the dollar and use it in every store. If you want to buy one day a day to see the exchange rates, you do not have to do it later, you will loosely switch from dollar to forint.

gearbest 1

Registration will be a simple email address and password, and other data, such as shipping address, will be enough if you have actually bought something.

If you log in then a My Account you'll find everything you need to do with your store activity, that is, your favorite products (My Favorites), your orders (My Orders), Your Complaints (My Tickets), your My Invoice Wallet, your points purchased at your purchase, and your other purchases (My Points), your settings (My Profile), coupons that you can only use (My Coupon).

Let's see the shopping process!

If we have found the product we are interested in, the first thing to do is look at what stock can be ordered. The price may vary from stock to, or even usually, so you have to decide if you want to order from a possibly more expensive EU warehouse, from which it will be faster to ship or stay in a Far East warehouse with better price but longer delivery time .

The shortcuts for warehouses are currently (please click on the name of the warehouse or country):

Store code











Czech Republic

















If you selected the warehouse, you can choose from two buttons. If we know that we do not want to buy anything else, then we can Buy Now, if you want to buy something else, that is Add to Cart. With the latter, we only put into the basket the merchandise, with the first one starting the payment process right away.

gearbest 2

If the Buy Now button on the next page a Shipping Options: select the mode of delivery. For higher value products, it is EU Priority Line you have to get the product ordered from China without VAT and customs duty. When you buy from an EU warehouse, you do not have to deal with it, choose the cheapest or the fastest you like.

If so, then discounts can come. Below and left you can choose to use your GearBest points -Use GB Points- or have your coupon code and it -Use Coupon. The two will not go together. If you use a coupon code, copy the coupon code into the Promotion Code box and press the Apply button. If the voucher is still alive - you know about the promotional stock, then the end-user price will drop. If you want to use points, then add that, it is maximized, so you can not buy anything for points alone.

gearbest 3

When you are ready then you can Place Your Order button and start shopping! On the next page you can enter the payment method, here you can choose between Pay Pal, card payment or bank transfer, then click on Pay Now to complete the purchase.

The store is here: GearBest


Banggood is one of the biggest rivals of GearBest, a tough battle between them in terms of prices, which is just fine for us. The range is slightly different from that of GearBest, although there are also the most popular technical articles. However, Banggood has a lot of spice-like things, much more for example a drone component, but with luck, we can find a piece of our phone for example if we've broken the display. So for parts, this store is much stronger.

banggood 1

In Banggood, they praise support, that is, customer service, allegedly better than GearBest. I have met here in some cases, so I do not share that belief. Keep in mind that, as with GearBest, the problems are solved here, but we have to take a little more step here, too.

Banggod also has European warehouses, and it's an advantage over GearBest that we can look for products in them separately. The bald Shop All Categories at the bottom of the drop-down menu, you can select it EU Warehouse so all products found here will be guaranteed in EU warehouses.

banggood 2

Banggood's surface is very similar to the GearBest interface, so someone who is here to pick up is captured. This is why we can write a little bit shorter, but it is unnecessary twice to describe it. The only big difference is that there is one here Wish where you can pack your favorite, or later, buyable products.

The start of purchasing the product is the same as in GearBest, ie Buy it Now button to launch the purchase process immediately Add to Cart button to put the product into the basket and choose from. By selecting the latter, you can open the basket at the top of the cart at the top right.

banggood 3

The shopping process is the same, but the page looks a bit different. THE Buy it Now button on the next page Enter Coupon Code box, you can see the coupon code below it Enter Your Points and the number of our points to be sold. Here too is true of what GearBest has about the points.

If it is, then a Proceed Check Out button to enter the page where the mode of delivery can be selected. For Banggood, if you buy from a non European warehouse, then a European Direct Mail will be ours, with which duty and VAT will come with the ordered product.

banggood 4

If the mode of delivery is selected, you can choose whether Pay Pal or a bank card will be the payment method, and then you can Place Order button to complete the purchase.

The store is here: Banggood


geekbuying 1

Geekbuying is a small store in comparison with the previous two, and we can say it's upsetting. Perhaps this is why they are cautious about handling complainants normally, and in recent years, some products, such as phones, have amazingly good prices, better than those at larger stores. Do not hesitate to have duty and VAT free shipping - HKEU Priority Line - and there are also European warehouses. These are located at the top of the right-hand menu at this store Local Warehouse. There are also Spanish, German, Italian and Polish stores, from which the products are delivered faster and more quickly than the previous two stores.

geekbuying 2

The interface at Geekbuying is somewhat different from the two stores in the past. Fortunately, there is no major difference, so we will not get lost. If in the upper right corner a My Account button, a menu will appear on the left to find information about our purchases and our store activity. Separate the amount of funds already paid (Payment Confirmed), the pre-payment (unpaid) and the shipped (Shipped) our orders. We can also open our basket from here (My Shopping Cart), we can handle our coupons (My Coupons) and wish list (My Wish List). At the bottom of the menu we find our own settings (Account Settings) and the specified shipping addresses (address Book).

geekbuying 3

When we start shopping on the selected product page just one Add to Cart button you can find, which is pushed into the basket of the selected product. Then a window will appear in which you can choose a View My Cart so we'll be able to start paying or choose a Continue Shopping button to continue browsing products.

geekbuying 4

We can not set anything on the first page of the basket, but we can check what products are in the basket. THE Proceed to Checkout button to enter the page where you can select the mode of delivery (HKEU Priority Line), or if there is a coupon code for that product, then it is Please Choose or enter your coupon code field, and if the voucher is live then that Apply button to decrease the price. Of course, we need to provide our data if we did not do it when registering, as it is not a problem for the web store to know where to order the ordered product.

geekbuying 5

The store is here: Geekbuying

General good advice!

First of all, with more expensive products, choose a shipping mode with a tracking number. It's good if we know where the ordered product is in the world. In the stores, you can find such a marker on the payment pages: Insurance. This is an extra insurance for lost packages. So if we pay a few dollars, we'll have less teasing, easier administration.


If you can, you can use PayPal to pay. This can be done in several ways. You can upload money to your PayPal account or register your bankcard, so we can pay with the Pay Pal at the malls with the money on our card, but you do not have to provide the card details in every store. Another strong argument with PayPal is that in the event of a claim, if the merchant fails to reach a price, for example, if he or she is unwilling to repay the purchase price in the case of a lost package, we may also submit the claim to Pay Pal if they find it justified to return our money, are counted on the webshop.

What to do if the package is lost, the product is damaged and the merchant does not want to return our money. First, let us take our more powerful self. Feel free to threaten the merchant first with PayPal, if we've paid for it, that's usually enough to be, it would be a big loss for each store if the many complaints make PayPal a contract with them. Unfortunately, there was a case where it did not help - it did not fall with me, but I helped solve the problem - there was a need for the receiver to mention the police report in the store's letter. It sounds frightening, but everybody has heard a lot of such cases in the case of home merchants, but we do not dare to go to the corner store to buy the package of salami. That is, the vast majority of purchases are done without problems, and we do not even hear about them. Fragment, we can say that the complaints are below the 1 percent and the net is loud.

The point. The trader will generally try to find the best solution to solve the problem as a single solution. Do not accept, stand on our heels!


Among the modes of delivery, we find all three stores that promise a customs and VAT-free arrival. When ordering from a cheaper product or an EU warehouse, this does not matter, but if you order more than ~ $ 20, it is worth choosing this. It is important to know that in the case of customs and VAT, it is not the price of the individual products but the total value of the package that we will have to count on the shipping cost. If you want our package to arrive quickly, do not make it difficult for the merchant to ship. If you order more products, and especially if they are not from a warehouse, then each product is ordered as a separate order, so it is not time to shop for products in our package from multiple stores so they can get it out. the package will not lose the whole package, only 1-1 batch.

Customs and VAT free shipping:

department store Delivery mode name
GearBest EU Express, Priority Line or EU Priority Line
Banggood European Direct Mail
Geekbuying HKEU Priority Line

coupon Codes

We get a lot of questions about coupon codes and deals. It is said that all the bargains on the torture are what they do not. This is a big truth, but it does not always cover reality.

Every store has coupon-free and coupon deals. The former are Flash Sale, the latter being marked as coupon code. Flash Sale promotions generally last longer, and the bargain is even bigger. Coupon code promotions often last only for a day or two, but if you continue, there is little chance of finding a discounted product because there are few pieces. Nevertheless, before buying your product, look for a coupon code for everything you want to buy.

We offer more options for purchasing promotions and coupon codes. On the one hand, we have a newsletter that you subscribe to via e-mail, you will receive the daily promotions of the above three stores. On the other hand, our list of actions is published every day on our site.

What is important is that the products with the coupon code are stockpiled, often in regions, such as the Central European region 30-50, which is sold out quickly. In other cases, there is a 1000-2000 bundle of promotional items, so I wrote that it is worth looking around the old codes, even if you are lucky. For example, at the end of last year, GearBest issued a coupon code for the Mavic Pro drone, which was still in February this year. Anyone who was in love and came up with the code saved the 200 dollars, which is not a bit of money.

If the bundle has been depleted by copying the coupon code and the Apply button, the pages will print out, as if the coupon code found on the net, for example, can not be used in our region. Certainly, the codes that appear in our newsletter or in our newsletter have been issued to our region.

So if you want coupon codes, sign up for our newsletter here: GearBest, Geekbuying, Banggood coupon code newsletter

Join our Facebook group, which not only coupon code news, but also other promotions, and even sells widgets purchased from China: Chinese actions and I buy and buy Facebook group

Or look at this page where you can find a list of recent promotions every day: GearBest, Geekbuying and Banggood promotions, coupons with daily updates

If you have any questions, you have a comment on the above, please write it out, and we are happy to complete the article!