We tried: Toshiba Z830, a real gift

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I walked from the staircase to the dim light of the hallway, and he was holding a parcel in his hand. What is it, I asked, but did not answer. She pressed me in her hand, and, as if she was angry for something, turned her face away.


One computer, he said briefly. In my stomach felt a dummy, a computer? - I asked. She said, as she looked at me, I could see the sweet smile on the face, the small dimples, I felt tears gather in the corner of my eyes. Did not you like that? - asked. How did you know? I never said that! But I knew, I realized that last time I got too distracted from the showcase, and he noticed it.


Do not you open it out? - asked. I did not know how to handle the box, no matter how pleased I was with the gift. I had to embrace myself, to close myself to feel my love. I am a lucky person, happiness is completely flooded, and I no longer knew that you were tempted because of the gift. I love this woman!

We went into the room by hand, turned on the little lamp and pushed it into the armchair. Open it up finally! - He told. I tossed the box all the time, Toshiba Z830 - the letters in front of me. I just wanted to do this, but I did not dare to hope that I could have such a machine. I knew he did not do it, but I did not dare to ask why he took it. I noticed that he had saved some time for some time, but I thought you wanted a dress so I did not ask, but I tried to figure out what to please. He was prevented, He surprised me with this wonderful machine.


I pushed the outside of the box and the inside lid below which the machine was in a black fabric case. Nice slow, careful not to drown it, I laid it on my knee and opened my wonderfully glossy top. I ran my fingers all the way round the rounded-edge keys, trying to push one-on-one. Gently, they clicked my fingers without clicking. I looked up the power button, gently pressed it, but I did not hear any noise. I saw Toshiba appear, followed by the Windows logo, and I could hear the start of the operating system just after 20 seconds. SSD? I asked, amazed. That's it, "he said blushing, I read on the net that this is the best. I dragged the mouse pointer gently, I clicked on the icons of Toshiba programs curiously and everything went almost without waiting. It was lightning-fast and silent as if it did not work, though I could see that the applications started running and then stopped running. It was all like a dream, my dream that was accomplished.


I quickly set up WIFI and surf the web. Go to Facebook, I have to share my joy with my friends! Name, password, I'm inside. Go to Toshiba's side, look for a picture of Z830, because if I just write what I got, I can not feel the miracle. There is also, there can be jumps!

Once again, I blew the edge of the screen, and I was amazed at the luster again. I cut down the cover, set aside the plane, and I congratulate the congratulations in the morning because there is someone beside me who deserves much more care than any computer.

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