Double Saving From China - Cheap LED Lights

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You save 50 percent at the price of the burner and then 90 percent on the electricity bill. Looks like a good shop!

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Once there was not, there was once a kitchen that mounted spot spotlights in the fridge on top of the top cabinet. These were small lamps, halogen lamps that ate 60 watts per piece. They were crazy, and they had to be careful not to leave the cabinet door open because if it was under the lamp then it was inevitably burned. Five of these lamps did their job, it is not difficult to calculate that the five tiny 300 watts were bulleted. In today's world it is brutal consumption. Then a second burned out a little later, then I started to look at burners in my favorite webshop. It was only two days that the third had said goodbye to this yellow ball and shut down her yellow-eyed eyes forever. And by then I checked the prices, picked the burner I liked and ordered a pack of five. I was a little afraid that after the old good-natured and bright-colored halo I would not see anything, but I was risking it.

LED technology and its past, advantages

LED lighting is still a young technology in comparison to conventional bulbs. It was hardly 50 years old, and it sounds weird, but the first LEDs, although they resembled today's operating principle, were illuminated by an invisible infrared range. The first visible light-emitting diode (Light Emitting Diode) in 1962 was developed by a certain Nick Holon, the younger one, but we had to wait for more than a decade, right up to the 1972, for the real breakthrough. The blue-light LED is now embedded in today's immense development and the fact that today's LED lighting is slowly expelling all competing solutions from the market.

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The pieces that were initially still low in light were still flashing on hobby PCBs, later on in the displays of various devices, such as the volume bar in the old hifi, but it was already readable that there was a great future ahead of technology and later as autonomous lighting they can build cars. We did not even believe it, we waited for the beautiful LED lighting time and we did not have to be disappointed. The LEDs are here, they surround us everywhere, they are back on our monitor behind our display, our phone and the street lights (thanks to Elios, that you have been tampering with us too).

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LED lighting has almost only advantages over traditional light fixtures and understands the latest energy-saving solutions. The old filament lamps worked very badly, but we loved them because they had a friendly, natural light. The energy-saving solutions that were called the neon, or the later modernized socket, were not so much loved because they had no light and flicker, and even the mercury vapor-based lamps were bulky, and they boiled the electricity. The halogen seemed to be a good idea, its consumption was somewhat more friendly than the filament lamps and the light was small. In turn, it also hardened the heat, and if much of the energy consumed is not a light but a heat, then this can not be considered as economical.

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However, LED lighting is cheap. Now you can buy it at a relatively friendly price. Its lifespan is ten times larger than a filament lamp, it is good to hang up and down, it does not have to warm up, it lights up almost instantaneously after switching on, in addition to the color of light, the temperature of the light, or even adjustable in a modern, more expensive burner. Finally, consumption. Compared to conventional filament or halogen solutions, consumption is about to one-tenth, and we believe in statistics that say that with the old luminaires the percentage of 30 spent on the total electricity demand of an average household went down, we realize that LED- we can really save a lot compared to the traditional one, and let's not even talk about protecting the ground. You know, protect the trees, eat the beaver!

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Replacing Halogen Lamps for Chinese LEDs

So the story started in the introduction was interrupted by the fact that I was afraid of the oco chinese lamps, especially since after the strong halo there will be a delightful sunset in the kitchen, which can be cozy anyway, but not while cooking.

Clearly I was looking at the GearBest after a lamp, not as if it could not be ordered elsewhere, but I've been collecting points for a long time, so it's always possible to redeem it, so I'll continue to make money on cheap stuff. I also found a package that fortunately contained five lights, and it was cheaper than it was when I bought it one by one.

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Here comes the first important point of saving! I looked at domestic prices and those lamps that, like GearBest, have 7 watts and 650 lumens brightness at about 1000 forints, branded up to 3500-4000. The package I ordered, that is, the five lamp prices are 12 dollars, that is, roughly 3400 forints. For that amount of money I found only weaker light bulbs at home.

It is important to point out that at present the white, cold-light version is getting so much, the gloomy is about double the price. However, I was thinking that because the cupboard is somewhat darker in color, the reflective light will be yellowish, so it will be good for me the cold light. The plan was a proven, really friendly light. For you, if you have a white, bright kitchen cabinet, I would certainly recommend the warm light, but if the kitchen front is darker and friendly, then it will be cheaper.

Chinese led lamp 5

Now let's get to the brightness. I really was afraid that the 7 watt burner would not be enough, but the result surpassed my expectations. You understand that not only the lamp is stronger than I expected, but the stronger than the halogen used so far. Meanwhile, the glass-like blanket before the LEDs is great for sparking light, not flashing, and overall combo-brightness, a friendly color.

Chinese led lamp 7

The other half of the savings is clear. So far, the five halogen 300 watts ate, now the five LED 35 watts are eaten. I did this by expanding my Xiaomi smart home to the kitchen, incorporating a smartphone plug on the top of the cabinet and exposing a tiny motion sensor that automatically switches on the lights when you go to the kitchen and then, if there is no movement, then 2 it automatically turns off after the minute. Let us count. Because of our laziness, the lamp remained on the top of the cabinets for a long time, and I went to the computer for 5-10 minutes until I was warm, so I never switched off. Only the 1 clock function of the kitchen lamp was in 10 forint. On average, our negligence averaged the 2 clock for the winter and summer, so we can count 30 x 2 x 10 = 600 for monthly consumption. Using the LED light, this average consumption decreases by 520 per month, while the price of a LED lamp is 680. So, in the end, we did not save the price of the new burners in a month and a half, and from here on, the savings came.


It is quite clear that a LED lamp will eat much less than an older conventional burner. That is, we save. However, it is no longer a matter of saving the price of new burners with savings of one and a half or 6-7 months. Even if we assume that cheap China will go faster than the expensive Philips, it is better to buy 2-3 than a more expensive brand because of the eight-times price difference. The light is going to be the same, and so the consumption drops as much as it is. Who says it about the burner that it is not an expensive and branded piece? Na u!

Chinese led lamp 4

So the bottom line is that my plan has been proven, since the beginning of the summer, LED lamps have been spraying the light in the kitchen, coupled together with a motion sensor, every styrofoam.

I bought this light: EXUP GU10 650 lm

Here you will find all sorts of LED lamps: Lots of LED lamps for all sockets


Quote - Joci:
"It is important to point out that at present the white, cold-light version is getting so much, the gloomy is about double the price. [...] I bought this light: [...]"

So. The warm light is cheaper and you have also linked it ("warm white"). If you bought them, you bought them and not cool ("cool white"). I think. :-)

I'll see, maybe I'm confused. The thing is, I bought and operated months ago, I just thought I would write some articles about them later, so I put a few boxes. I read about what was in it, because I do not know about cattle anymore. Then I'll find my orders.
"It is important to point out that at present the white, cold-light version is getting so much, the gloomy is about double the price. [...] I bought this light: [...]"

So. The warm light is cheaper and you have also linked it ("warm white"). If you bought them, you bought them and not cool ("cool white"). I think. :-)