8 cool gadgets to survive the winter evenings

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Winter is coming, the long, dark cold night, where snow is getting smaller, but we get plenty of drizzle and hard frosts. We've made a short list of gadgets you can take with you to get through the winter.


1. Xiaomi gloves for mobile phones and tablets.


There is nothing worse than when you need to find someone's phone number in the frost or start an app to find out when our train is coming. In that case, we are forced to take off our gloves, to hang in our pocket, to freeze between our teeth, to control the mobile with a frozen finger. Well, it's over when you buy one from Xiaomi's gloves. The fingers of the three color gloves can be detected by the mobile display, so you do not have to take more when you need to mobilize!

Check out here: Xiaomi gloves

2. Meteorological station


On the other side of the window, the wind screams with the wolves, the polar bears are screaming after a warm place, and you sit in the warm apartment and you are amazed at the minus appearing at the weather station. So winter is good, snowfall is behind the window, and the finest Christmas scents are the most beautiful. So do not go out to see how many degrees it is, take a weather station instead.

Let's say, find one here: Home weather station

3. Heated blanket


The heated blanket is the best way to avoid freezing it. But seriously, leave the apartment still, but imagine if you have to leave with a car and there is no other car to swim if trouble occurs. In this case, a heated blanket can be saved. Of course, it does not hurt anything in bed, but we assume that everyone has home heating and heating. Be so! Maybe you could buy some heatable car in the car, the devil does not even sleep in the winter, even if the hell's gate froze!

Here is one for you: 12 Volt Heated Blanket

4. game Consoles


What can you do on long winter evenings if you do not want to watch TV? Play it! Find some good television or handheld consoles, add accessories, then start the battle ground on the water in the air or just want to see it on the console. It does not even have to be the most expensive Playstation or Xbox home, the main thing to play with the family, there is nothing better than anyone to say!

Enter here: Brackets and accessories

5. TV tuners


With Android TV tuners you can already dump the Danube. There are a thousand and one of them on the shelves of the store, and they are all capable of spinning our favorite movies or series from the net bugyra or from our computer. There is no need for uncomfortable and long cables crossing the flat, just a TV smart and a WiFi network. Another great advantage of our Android gadgets is that we can install any Android software on them, so we can even play on the TV without even having a console! With a TV tuner, hippy-hopping is the long winter evenings, and you'll be up to spring!

Here's a lot of Android stuff: TV tuners

6. Heated gloves


Now many people are on their foreheads, why did not you think about it before? Heated gloves are a good thing, so your fingers will be happy. Is that so or so? You do not have to be anything other than a flamboyant cushion and a combative external battery, from the USB port of our small flexible radiator. I'm afraid of winter, because I'm not afraid of you anymore, I have my heated gloves post!

Really cool this stuff: Heated gloves

7. Mini USB Humidifier


We all know that the air is dry in the winter. It's cold, the woody does not like the cold and it precipitates wherever it can. But it can not be in our throats and in our eyes, so the dry air will shake both. You will, but only if there is no USB humidifier. Just plug the buckle into the USB port on the notebook or computer and there is even a muddle, even scented, if you like it. poppy dryness, throat grinding!

Here are some varieties: Mini USB humidifiers

8. An intelligent cooking pot


Imagine yourself a winter evening! What do you see before? Grandpa crosses a crossword, grandmother crouches the two hundredth-century starter on the television while you have five years of flat space. Daddy is just holding a flash and arching his teeth. And you, the dearest member of every family, mom, What are you doing? Of course you sit at the TV and watch the Suleiman. In your hands, your smartphone is blind to your clever Xiaomi cookware in the kitchen and controls the cooking process on the touch screen. Fine smells come on, stomachs rush, but you do not stand in the kitchen until the others relax. Do you, do you think so? If you have a verb, you can blossom this smart cooking pot that is advertised as a rice cooker, something that is capable of making 3000 rice dishes. Of course, there is only a little creativity because we are not Chinese to eat rice every night!

Here he is, the most wicker of pots: Xiaomi smart rice cooker

I hope you liked the short list, and you realized that winter would not be so terrible if you armed him with some gadgets.

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