This 5 + 1 is the most popular robot vacuum cleaner from China

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China's black Friday could have a vacuum cleaner in the next few days at unprecedented prices.

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Robotic vacuum cleaners are increasingly popular, so they are very good in Christmas and spring. The pre-Christmas popularity is understandable, as the robot dust extractor is not cheap, the usable pieces begin with 40 per thousand forints, so many people associate the gift with the purchase of a long-awaited vacuum cleaner. I note that they are doing well, as there are the biggest chips in this period and since we still have more than a month for Christmas, the robot can still come from China. Of course, if you do not trust this, there is another option, as we can order a European warehouse for a bit more expensive, but with 2-5 workday delivery time. After describing the machines, I will also give this option, indicating, of course, the current Chinese and European purchase price.

In this article, I introduce the most popular 5 (6) type most purchased by Hungarian customers, and you get a plus machine, which is not a robot, but not traditional. More on this article at the end of the article, let's start with the robots now!

1. iLife V5S Pro robotic vacuum cleaner

ilife v5s pro

ILife vacuum cleaners are very popular in our country, and this list is the best evidence. Of the six listed machines, three of them came from this manufacturer, the other three were from Xiaomit, so we can say that the two manufacturers are plowing the market here.

ILife V5S Pro is one of the most commonly purchased models and not just because of the price, although it's the cheapest in this list. So the good price is not good enough for the liking, the attractive skills are needed, and V5S has got plenty of extras.

The machine is also good for traditional skills. We get a 0,3 liter tank, a 0,3 liter water tank - here we go -. The battery capacity is 2500 mAh, which can be charged in 350 minutes from zero to one hundred and with a charge we can save 120-150 minutes. This capacity is sufficient for an average 150-180 square meter house or apartment, but I would say less, especially if the apartment is split. Of course, it's okay if the battery goes down because it's back to the dock. If you are already in the technical data, it should be mentioned here that the vacuum cleaner's running gear can withstand a 15 percentage slope, the throughput threshold 10-12 millimeters. The machine is low in construction, so most furniture is cleaned without problems.

The suction power of the V5S Pro is 850 Pa, which is good in this category. The cleaning is helped by the fact that the manufacturer has mounted two twin brushes at the bottom of the machine, so there is no problem with cornering. As you can read, there is a water tank in the machine, and it follows directly from the MOP function.

What is the MOP function? Many people say that it is completely unnecessary because a robot portable vacuum cleaner can not get smashed just smudged. Perhaps surprising, but these people are right, the robot vacuum cleaners can not really blink in the sense of rubbing the floor with a scrubber. The dried raspberry drops will not disappear. The MOP function is quite different. If we are vacuum cleaned, let our machine be strong at the end of the work, we can see that the floor is still matte. This is because a thin layer of dust will always remain after vacuuming. The MOP denounces this. In other words, the machines rotate over the machine, rubbing the machine under the machine, the cylinder brush heavily suffers the floor, in some cases removes the impoverished dirt, and the MOP finishes cleaning, removes the remaining thin layer of powder and makes the floor glossy.

What else to know about the iLife V5s Pro portable vacuum cleaner? There are also some interesting things, such as remote control. This machine has not yet received a dial-up application, but there is a remote control that can control the machine to a distance of approximately four meters.

V5S Pro can clean up in four modes. The Automatic Cleaning it is clear, we start it and use its sensors to clear every corner of the apartment. The Edge Cleaning walls and furniture around the apartment, that is, it is very good to remove dust carts on corners and walls. THE Spot Cleaning at a designated point in the apartment, this can be used in the more heavily contaminated parts, and this function served me well when I broke a glass. I picked up the bigger pieces, but the very small silhouettes that I could not see could cause the vacuum cleaner to be inflated to the scene of the accident. Last time the Schedule Cleaning, which covers a timely cleaning. You can set the number of times your vacuum cleaner starts to work, for example we can schedule the cleaning for a period of time when we work, and the kids in the school can do the job smoothly.

As you can see iLife V5S Pro is a really good structure. He knows much about his price, and if we do not feel the need for dial-up application and Wi-Fi connection, it's really a good choice.

The price of the iLife V5S Pro robot dust extractor is now 11.11 40 for 500, for this we can calculate the 790 forint delivery cost if we choose the duty and VAT-free priority line delivery.

ILife V5S Pro can be ordered from European warehouses (Fast-29 and Fast-36), at first 49 thousand, for the latter 51500 forints, but the machine arrives in 5-7 working days!

You can buy the vacuum cleaner here: iLife V5S Pro robotic vacuum cleaner

2. iLife A4S robot vacuum cleaner

iLife A4S

In the queue, that is, a second machine came from iLife. This machine is a bit slower than the previous one, but it is better in some abilities. I will try to focus on the difference between iLife V5S Pro and the next machine!

So iLife A4S is recommended for users who do not stick to the MOP function, but live in a larger apartment or house. Here is worth mentioning, which I wrote down only in the previous machine, which states:

The capacity of the square meter given by the manufacturer can vary greatly depending on the division of the apartment. In vain, the big battery, the long service life, when the rooms are full of folded chairs, the rooms are tiny and lots of them. They all extend the time of cleaning, so it is important to describe it as a good idea to set a little order before cleaning. The machine can work faster and more precision!

ILife A4S 50 has received more dust than V5S Pro, which is justified because it has a higher suction power, meaning 85 instead of 100, so it can be used more in dusty environments. The battery's capacity is unchanged, but the manufacturer has provided the ideal range for 180-200 square meter housing due to increased cleaning efficiency. The higher suction force makes the machine louder, but still not disturbingly, with only 65 decibel the maximum noise output.

Much of the extras mentioned in the previous machine can be found here. There is a remote control and a double brush head, the machine's height is only 7,6 centimeters, so it's low in order to be able to clean under furniture. Of course, the machine knows the four cleaning methods listed in the previous version, and has also received a fifth Mini-Room Cleaning function, which makes it possible to clean up smaller rooms by its name.

The iLife A4S robot vacuum cleaner is therefore recommended for families who live in larger and / or more portable homes, do not stick to the MOP function.

As you can see, iLife A4S is a stronger machine without mopping, and in return for more power, we only have to pay a little more.

The price of iLife A4S for 11.11 is now a highly discounted 46 300 forints from China warehouse, shipping costs are free of duty and VAT free of priority line delivery!

This machine can also be purchased from a European warehouse (Fast-23), and it's hardly more expensive than the far east. We also have to pay only $ 48 from the EU warehouse, so we can count on the 1400 HUF shipping cost, but the vacuum cleaner can be in our hands up to 3-5 workdays!

The vacuum cleaner is here: iLife A4S robot vacuum cleaner

3. iLife V7S Plus robotic vacuum cleaner

iLife V7S Plus

I'm not going to write too much about this machine, since it's the successor to the first member of the list. In addition to being fully accurate, the offspring of iLife V7S Pro was the successor to Plus a Pro. The crazy big differences here are different from the previous versions. Fewer, instead of the rover, there is only one round brush, but the software is somewhat more advanced, which is likely to make this deficiency unnoticed. There is also a MOP function here, which is welcome. A significant difference is that the water tank and the dust container are integrated, and in addition, both the water tank has increased its capacity from 3 decimals to 4,5 decibels. Increased suction power, here is 1000 pa, which predicts the manufacturer recommends larger apartments despite the battery's capacity being unchanged.

Of course there is a remote control here, and there are four cleaning methods, so we will not give up anything.

ILife V7S Plus is the V5S Pro developed version for a slightly higher price. Currently, in the 11.11 action, we have to pay for 46 300 for the machine and the delivery if we choose the duty and VAT-free priority line mode for 1250 forints.

Unfortunately, there is no alternative in this European warehouse for this vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner is here: iLife V7S Plus robotic vacuum cleaner

4. Xiaomi Mi robot dust extractor

Xiaomi Mi robot dust extractor

Xiaomi introduced this machine to the robot dust extractor market, and perhaps even say it was a price champion in its category. This category was clearly the peak, as this vacuum cleaner crawls the room around the room with a non-infrared sensor, not with a camera, but with a laser sensor. This is of utmost importance because we could finally have forgotten random vacuum, which is randomly moving. The Xiaomi machine crawls the room in real time and plans the most optimal route. Because of optimization, it is almost impossible to go a long way in one area unless we want to, so it works faster and more precisely.

The high-end feeling is confirmed by the fact that no 850 or pascal suction power is obtained here, but 1800 pascal, which is a significant difference. True, it also means that the machine is louder at maximum, but it may be understandable, the air intake of excess air is planned in vain, optimized for infinity, the air will sound due to intake and discharge.

We can look at the battery as an extra, which is capable of double-capacity, accurate 5200 mAh for the machines presented so far. This is not only good because it will continue to work with a charge but also because the capacity of the battery will decrease over time, but the 5200 mAh will have to decrease. When you know only half of the factory value will still be as much as in a new era of a cheaper vacuum cleaner.

So this vacuum cleaner can be used to clean larger apartments, it will not run out of suffrage. For this larger capacity, the dust collector tank was also sized, which is not 3 but 4,2 decis.

So this vacuum cleaner has a strong hardware, and now I do not only get the suction power, but also the hardware that we are considering due to the numbering capacity. There are three processors in the machine with a wealth of sensors, so there are not only real-time routing but also other interesting features here!

The high-end feeling is reinforced by the management of the phone application and that the machine can be inserted into the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem. This means that the vacuum cleaner connects to the Internet via wifi, so we can even start cleaning through our mobile workstation, and even with a minimum delay, we can see where the vacuum cleaner is in the apartment.

The Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner is therefore a top-of-the-range product, which is why its price is higher than the vacuum cleaners listed so far. However, before you look at the price one thing you must know. The price of the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner has dropped by about a third in the last month, and in the current 11.11 action, we only have to pay only $ 78. I know that 78 is a thousand forints not a small amount of money, but if we look at what similar solutions from competing manufacturers will cost, then we will see that the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner is now the world's best-value-proportioned machine! There could be one reason why I would not choose this if I could get the upgraded version (which I bought)

The Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner at this low price can only be ordered from China, but it's good news that duty and VAT priority line delivery is free, so we do not have to pay extra costs!

Here you find the vacuum cleaner: Xiaomi Mi robot dust extractor

5 + 1 / 2. Xiaomi Roborock S50 and S55 robotic vacuum cleaner

xiaomi roborock s50

We have come to the top of the vacuum cleaner for me today. The best (but not the latest) vacuum cleaner for Xiaomi is clearly a further development of the Xiaomi Mi robot dust extractor. The most important thing is that the laser beam tower on the roof is left, which can accurately map the room, the built-in computer, because here we are talking about a computer, it can real-time mapping and route planning. There is a Linux version running on the machine, which allows experimental users to modify the program.

With this machine, we see the enhancement in one place, which is the appearance of the MOP function. This was not the case either, since it was solved by Xiaomin to wipe the entire apartment with only 1,4 decibels. In the MOP material, a natural solution is applied, which makes the vacuum cleaner treat water extremely evenly, allowing the floor to evenly and very thinly, in addition, when the machine stops, the water will not leak further.

However, other developments have also taken place with the development. Software and sensors have evolved, and, more importantly, the no-nonsense suction power has been further enhanced. The 1800 pascal of a predecessor was succeeded by 2000 pascal, but with no noise, though it may have even decreased, it may be that only the height of the sound has changed to be less distracting. Of course this had to be modified by air. It is important to add that this relative loudness can be eliminated by lowering the suction power, since of course we can do this through the telephone application.

xiaomi roborock s55

I would not go to the show again because you can read a detailed test about this vacuum cleaner. You can read about real experiences, because for a few months we have been serving a Xiaomi Roborock S50! By the end, there is so much to know that there is no difference between the currently available S50 and S55. There is not much in price, so if someone finds the black robot vacuum cleaner to be cooler, just take the S55, if you like the white you like it or not, it also feels like a few bucks out of black because of the black version !

Let's say a few words about the price. The Xiaomi Roborock S50 price was just over $ 500 when it was introduced. That did not change for a long time, then we got a price around $ 450, and then we approached the $ 400 once and for all, with only special coupon deals. But thanks to year-end sales, S50 and S55 can be bought at unprecedented prices. The price of Xiaomi Roborock S50 in 11.11 is only $ 370 and S55 $ 380. It's good to know that just a few months ago, the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner could be bought for that, so if you think you want the best, then it's the best time to invest in it. As I write down on the previous machine, the 107 and 109 are not a lot of money for a robot dust extractor. We can get a usable machine from half of that amount, but who wants to get the best of the best, just because it is true here that in the previous vacuum cleaner that you do not see any similar robot dusters at such low prices.

The white vacuum cleaner is here: Xiaomi Roborock S50 robot vacuum cleaner

And black is here: Xiaomi Roborock S55 robot vacuum cleaner

You can read my article about Xiaomi Roborock S50 here: Sweeps, vacuum cleans and dust the Xiaomi Roborock S50 robot vacuum cleaner

+ 1 Alfawise HC - 1D03 Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Alfawise HC 1D03

I left another machine to the end that I find it worthwhile to mention when it comes to vacuum cleaners. It's not a robot, it does not have anything automated, it's a completely conventional battery-powered vacuum cleaner. Nowadays, these machines are more and more popular, though not the primary vacuum cleaner, but it's just a bit wormy if you suddenly need some kind of dirt.

These machines are loaded on a wall mounted screwdriver, with a charge 25 minutes can be vacuumed, but this is not the point because we will use the 25 minutes in the rarest way. It's not a matter of being able to set up a lightweight machine in a snapshot mode without being able to twist the power cord and the power cord.

There are four things I can add to the machine. First, it is dust-free, the absorbent sutics can be poured from the plastic container. The second is that it can be used as a bumper sucker with the short squeeze because its weight makes it suitable, but the suction power is much larger than a traditional pepper powder. The third is the head with an active brush, which is powered by an electric motor spinning up the stubborn dirt from the floor during vacuum cleaning. The fourth is the price. Alfawise is GearBest's own brand name, the store under the name tries to collect the products that have the best value for money. From my own experience, I can say that most of the time they succeed! For example, for Alfawise HC - 1D03, we know that skills are not much lower than those of the most respectable manufacturers of the most reputable manufacturers, namely the 20-25 percentage difference.

So if you feel like you do not need a robot vacuum cleaner, but you need a quick-disinfecting machine for your big bucket, then I recommend this!

The vacuum cleaner is here: Alfawise HC - 1D03 Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Although the currently listed vacuum cleaners are the most popular, you might not even like them. Fortunately, there is plenty of supply, clicking on this link will find hundreds of robots: Robot Powder

Closing word - or on our neck 11.11, Chinese Black Friday!

Although this article is about the best-selling robotic vacuum cleaner in the world today, there is another topic that should not be missed, which is nothing more than a Chinese holiday on Black Friday. This day is November every year on November 11, that is, 11. snow on 11, so it's called 11.11, an event known as the day of singing in China.

11.11 gearbest

We all know that Chinese stores are cheap, so we buy them, but if you have not met the discounts of 11.11, then you have not seen anything. If we are lucky we can get phones for free, but there is little chance. We have a lot more chance to play in half-price deals, because even though there are too few promotional stocks, that is not a hopeless thing. Last November, on 11, for example, I managed to buy a Xiaomi phone at half price.

Today is November 8. some of the discounts are already available on Monday, ie for a fifth, but the real Mayday will be on Saturday or even Saturday night, because in China, 6 hours are ahead of us, so when we are at midnight with us at six o'clock in the afternoon.

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