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The GeForce RTX 2000 series has opened its way to segmentation. Strange ways the Greens can not do this, but they are already abusing the dominant position!

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Gamescom 2018

As you could expect, NVIDIA has been releasing the pages for Gamescom 2018, so there was no surprise in that regard, but in other respects. The first: the flagship of the new series is not GeForce GTX 1180, but RTX 2080 Ti. The RTX signal is a reference to Ray Tracing, virtually the essence of the new series. Let's start at the beginning.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 You Graphics Card

The event was, of course, led by Jen-Hsun Huang, and the show usually started with some slippage. The bulk of the rifle had already been demolished at SIGGRAPH, so no one could suddenly come up with the Turing GPU, which was the basis of the new series, in Ray Tracing. Radiation tracking is often described as the Sacred Grace of Computer Graphic Imaging, and NVIDIA's first person now needed to convince the audience that the technique was finally available. The process is indeed promising, realistic unseen realization of the light path, which is particularly evident in reflections and shadows - the main problem is the crazy performance performance, although it must be acknowledged that it is at least excellent for duplication, which is the strength of the graphical processors .

The past 8 Year 10

The first "CUDA GPU", ie GeForce 8800 GTX (which NVIDIA incorrectly demonstrated as GTX 8800), appeared at the end of 2006. According to Jen-Hsun Huang, just two years after the release of the card, there was a much bigger change in the development of the Turing chip, which is now an 10 annual work. If that is the case, then this can be perceived as a very bold step, since the rasterized graphics 2006 could still show spectacular progress - just think of the Crysis shown in 2008. The G80 GPU (the heart of the 8800 GTX) was an interesting draw; the biggest innovation in the chip was clearly the unified shader architecture, while Turing brings the future by accumulating fixed function units, which is why we can say that a change of attitude has actually taken place.

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Turing computes computational Ray tracing on the RT core developed for this purpose, with the highest performance at 10 gigarays / s, 10 billion per second - GeForce 1080 Ti offers a low 1,21 gigarays / s speed, of course RT without seeds. The first step is really amazing, the four Volta GPUs in the DGX-1 can now be replaced with a Turing chip. Thus, RT nuclei are Ray tracing processors dedicated to our understanding, accelerating radius-triangular intersection controls.

Beam tracking these games will surely support:
  • Racing Racing Racing (Kunos Simulations / 505 Games)
  • Atomic Heart (Mundfish)
  • Battlefield V (EA / DICE)
  • Control Remedy (Entertainment / 505 Games)
  • Enlisted Gaijin (Entertainment / Darkflow Software)
  • Justice (NetEase)
  • JX3 (Kingsoft)
  • MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries (Piranha Games)
  • Metro Exodus (4A Games)
  • ProjectDH Nexon's (devCAT Studio)
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Square Enix / Eidos-Montreal / Crystal Dynamics / Nixxes)


In contrast to the RT nucleus, the existence of the Tensor processors could not be a novelty for the fans because the components optimized for the machine learning algorithm were already in the previous architecture. GeForce line enthusiasts are likely to be interested only in the DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) process; the Tensor cores account for a higher resolution image from existing image information, and the resulting result is used to improve image quality - perhaps as a kind of intelligent edge wash. Machine learning is really exciting (let's take a look at the part of the presentation here!), But we doubt that for a hard-line gamer this would be a major consideration. The wide range of applications of Tensor cores are also exemplified by the ability to filter the rays that would unnecessarily burden the GPU.

dlss 4k

These titles will be interesting for DLSS:
  • Ark: Survival (Evolved Studio Wildcard)
  • Atomic Heart (Mundfish)
  • Dauntless (Phoenix Labs)
  • Final Fantasy XV (Square Enix)
  • Fractured Lands (Unbroken Studios)
  • Hitman 2 (IO Interactive / Warner Bros.)
  • Islands of Nyne (Define Human Studios)
  • Justice (NetEase)
  • JX3 (Kingsoft)
  • Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries (Piranha Games)
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG Corp.)
  • Remnant: the Ashes (Arc Games)
  • Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass (Croteam / Devolver Digital)
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Square Enix / Eidos-Montreal / Crystal Dynamics / Nixxes)
  • The Forge Arena (Freezing Raccoon Studios)
  • We Happy Few (Compulsion Games / Gearbox)

NV GeForce RTX 2080 Performance Games


Streaming Multiprocessors (SM) have continued one of the major innovations in Volta: they have separated the integer cores, which in principle accelerate Fused Multiply Add (FMA) operations and address generation. Further merit development is the standardized cache architecture, but there are still question marks in the absence of a block diagram. If Volta's legacy continues, the L1 cache is merged with the shared memory. We've even found out that the first-level storage bandwidth doubled, its capacity increased significantly, and its access time dropped significantly. The L2 did not remain untouched: 3 from MB to 6 MB. These changes are all intended to ensure that Turing's calculators are equipped with sufficient work.

NV GeForce RTX 2080 Performance

Everything a little

NVIDIA has been the first to hear about the overall performance in an unusual way, so pre-ordering can only be done in real time. The company promises six-fold increase performance against Pascal, of course, hybrid rendering. If we are already here: the benefits of hybrid rendering are significant in the first blow, but this is largely dependent on how developers use the technology. No progress is expected from the speed point, because the process is primarily intended to improve image quality. With today's GPU, track tracking is an unbeatable time, and Turing is promising a massive acceleration, but this is still just enough to serve as a complement to raster graphics. This plus is expected to fit into the following bodies: shadows, reflections, lights. Of course, in all three areas, there are quite good algorithms, but they are far from giving life to the computer world as radius tracking.
Overall, hybrid rendering is NVIDIA's risk, as RT and Tensor cores are fixed-hardware hardware; they can not be used for rasterization, but the transistor frame they have digested could also have been subjected to areas that would have accelerated conventional imaging. Based on the above, we are witnessing a change of paradigm, and the Greens develop the future with the DirectX Raytracing (DXR) initiative in close cooperation with Microsoft, according to them. We hope that they will not be mistaken because otherwise they will be throwing the market into dangerous waters.
Samsung GDDR6 575px

Feeding the Turing GPU

The paper was brought by a GDDR6 support. Progression beyond GDDR5X is not a landing, and the maximum 16,0 GHz frequency still provides sufficient bandwidth with a sufficiently wide data bus. This time the first GeForce RTX cards did not require (or at least did not get) the NVIDIA 14 Gbps speed.

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There was no shortage of technical demonstrations, but Ray Tracing had already raised his head here and there. First, a Shadow of the Tomb Raider demo was added to the projector, where programmers wanted to draw their attention to life-like shadows. This was the first good thing to do (though it had a very powerful effect), less than the second. It is also apparent that the first real stage of track tracking will not always make a rolling show, but let's go very well.

Metro Exodus focuses on global lighting. As we know, in the case of indirect lighting, the color of the pixel depends not only on the direct light source, but also on the reflection of the light on different surfaces. The result is perhaps more spectacular than the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but we again feel that the developers have somewhat "attached" to it. Another delicate question arises: in our view, the majority of the players view an image based on local illumination more beautiful or at least playable.

The really serious show was provided by the Battlefield V. Ray Tracing's alpha implementation is undoubtedly a rhythm, but we are not convinced that the process will be in multiplayer mode. It is worth mentioning that developers implemented the support in a total of two weeks.

GeForce RTX

The Three Musketeers

Finally, the big unveiling took place, and the new GeForce RTX series was introduced. For the time being, the family counts three members: RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080 Ti. Strangely enough, we get misty numbers from the raw tempo, but some progress is made if the Tensor and the RT seeds are just wrapped because the Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) is wrapped up. Which is sure the new cards have brought a massive price increase, since the smallest model will also be a $ 499, RTX 2080 will be 699, and the top winner will be in 999 green coat. Founders Editions are packing more 100 dollars, so we get a higher 90 MHz clock speed for each of the three models. The series is already pre-orderable, but we can pick it up early on September 20.

The Founder Edition, unlike the previous ones, has real, tangible benefits: 6 percent higher than the 10 watt rate. Common point, however, is the new cooling system: the two fan monstrums are said to be significantly quieter than their predecessors. However, the new cooling can be suffered by the rest of the PC because this kind of design is more likely to spread the heat, ie it does not pull it out of the house as well as a closed system. Of course, it requires two slots, the card length is 10,5 inch. The RTX 2080 Ti has received 13 phase power supply for less than modest power consumption and for better overclocking, with energy-efficient two-socket PCIe connectors. The VGA can drive four viewers, with the following outputs available: 3 DisplayPort and HDMI.

geforce rtx specs 01

Virtual Link

The Gamescom event has not yet revealed what the multi-card mode is like. This was not a coincidence because only RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080 support SLI, RTX 2070 no longer. The good news, however, is that HB-SLI is replaced by our NVLI; progress is achieved with the 50 GB / s full duplex bandwidth. VirtualLink support is perhaps more important. The new standard is essentially a DisplayPort 1.4 connection for both power and data transmission; 15 watts and 10 Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2. The standard is supported by NVIDIA, AMD, Oculus, Valve and Microsoft, and its main merit is that with this virtual reality eyeglasses can connect to a single lead on the computer.
nvidia rtx xnumx us usb type c output
NVENC has developed, here is the support for 8K resolution HEVC materials, and according to engineers, 25 percent lower bitrate has achieved similar image quality.


The graphical revolution can be a step-by-step approach, NVIDIA is seeing the future in hybrid rendering. This means that conventional raster graphics can only be complemented by radiation tracking (eg shadows, reflections, light effects). It is also apparent that this is a very serious price as the chip with Tensor and RT core is brutally large (the top model is 754 mm²) and is extremely complex (it is made up of 18,6 billion transistors). This means that NVIDIA with this manufacturing technology (12 nm from TSMC) would only be able to offer a reasonable price level with the serious sacrifice of profits, which obviously is not in order. Therefore, we believe that Ray tracing will present only a premium level feature in the present generation, which is PhysX 2.0, with the exception that only a narrow layer can be accessed. If over time there are cheaper variants (RTX 2060, 2050), there will be a need for radical reduction of resources due to further cost reductions, which will almost certainly not increase the minimum requirement. For example, we can already get an example: Shadow of the Tomb Raider 1080p on the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti controller was unable to run stable 60 fps, sometimes at least half of that time. From this point of view, developers need to approach the technique very cautiously; otherwise, RTX 2070's performance may be too low.

Misuse of the dominant dominance in the introduction (partly) is also reflected in prices. Although none of the foregoing reasons meant the appearance of mass items, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 1 199 launcher (Founder Edition) makes the appearance of the Titan model unnecessary, as it used to be exactly on this level. The most exciting RTX 2070 for gamers may be poignant, with exactly 31 percent more expensive than its predecessor - this price does not go far beyond the GeForce GTX 1080, which is pretty shocking. It seems that NVIDIA has been tracking trackers for thick boxers for the time being, but they may have released their pandora box.

A PROHARDVER! most recent reports indicate that AMD can respond to Turing cards in the short term with a highly commentable pull. According to the portal, Strange Brigade, Star Control: Origins, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Resident Evil 2 (remake), Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and Doom: Eternal games will have specific codes that are unique give Radeon cards advantages; these will not necessarily show up in performance but may also have different effects. If this is confirmed, times may come back when different manufacturers do not offer a unified graphic quality, so after the individual weighing we have to decide which games we want the best possible visual quality and then buy the product.

Source: HOC, AnandTech