Let your guy with a chameleon!

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Of course, not with one, but with this!

killing chameleon

Intelligent Chameleon Remote Control Electric Machine Toy - $ 84,99

Let's have a bit of the following words: smart chameleon. Okay, that would not be rough in itself, except in this case, we're thinking of a wild spectacle, but of the remote control game in the picture above. Gearbest has raised our attention with this title, and with monologues such as:

  • incredibly easy to use, perfect for all ages;
  • one of the most innovative and fun games;
  • develops creativity and cognitive abilities;
  • high quality, child-friendly materials - perfect gift!

I do not say there is a lot of marketing in it, but in any case, I started to win it very slowly when I saw that her name is faithful to the color change, her eyes are forgiving in a funny way, and with the RC controller she can shoot her tongue! All right, if this game is really so good and well designed, let's have a couple of thoughts on it, so let's have a reader who is planning to surprise her seedlings with a remote control gadget.

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