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We can go to the new level of entertaining learning with this special robot, which evolves in an imaginative way: imagination, craftsmanship, visibility, etc.

rc game

137pcs DIY Remote Control Robot Educational Building Block Toy - MULTI - 24,99 USD

The remote controlled structure is made up of a total of 137 unique pieces (ideally), so it may be easy to assemble the apstrakes of the family, but this does not seem to be a disadvantage. So, with the approaching Christmas, we note it softly, this souvenir is a very sophisticated way to introduce our child to the wonderful world of STEM (science, technology, engineering science and mathematics), as here it is a game that teaches and disables it simultaneously!

Key Specifications:
  • Colorful building blocks for easy handling and easier assembly;
  • Child friendly, made of safe materials;
  • It is a great tool to familiarize our children with the basics of robotics and technology;
  • It has an extremely positive effect on cognitive abilities such as patience, concentration and communication.

When done with the assembly - which, of course, it will take a few hours - the supplied remote control can bring the device to life. Remote control operates in 10 meters, with the following options: forward and backward, left and right movements.


This product has triggered our interest because it runs on the one hand at affordable prices (now with the 40% discount) and, thanks to its great design, combines learning and entertainment, creativity and space, and provides insight into the technology as well as robotics. In our opinion, this versatile game is definitely worth putting some space under the tree ...

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