Xiaomi blew it, but FanJu did not

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It's a wooden clock again, but it's good!

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FanJu FJ3365 Weather Station Color Forecast - 27,99 Dollar

An unforgettable big deal (36% discount) is available at FanJu FJ336, a decorative weather station. The latter really is not a joke, it's not a wood-powered boby plastic, but a real tree - theoretically a bamboo variety. The colorful, large digital display does not look bad, though the fact that it displays brutally lots of information:

  • temperature (MAX / MIN, indoor and outdoor);
  • humidity (exterior and interior);
  • moon phases;
  • daily alarm (with snooze function);
  • exact time and date;
  • compact weather forecast (barometer).

The latter is exactly 7 with different color icons: sunny, slightly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, intense rain, snow and heavy snow. So, it would be a pity to deny the FJ336 news not knowing the word "less more", and the last square centimeter of the publisher was also utilized. It is also worth noting that the brightness of the backlight can be adjusted to two different levels or can be switched off on demand - eg. power management.

Naturally, the gadget also has an outdoor unit, and an interesting feature is this: an icing indicator. This is a symbol and an alarm call when our outdoor temperature falls below freezing. The external module communicates with the clock at 433 MHz and the transmission distance is up to 60 meters. The stuff works with two AA batteries, otherwise the clock can be used, but at the factory they also have an AC adapter (EU standard).


Wood of iron? No! Wood Xiaomi Clock!
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