A smartphone like mouse and touchpad

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Let's show you the way you know how to use a prospect - or just a tablet - in a whole new area.

Take a few steps, listen, only that can be done!

step 1.1

  • First, download and install the free WiFi Mouse app on your Android smartphone - about this you will quickly find it with the link.
  • If this is done, you will need to prepare the computer you want to control. This will not be a difficult task, so our operating system (Windows, MAC, Linux) is right Mouse server application needs to be included. There is no need to configure it here either, the third step may be the end of the installation;

step 2

  • We now find out what IP address the PC has got. Enter the command line (Windows + R key combination, then cmd), and then type "ipconfig";
  • Start on your WiFi Mouse appot chassis, then use the auto-connect feature (or the IP address you've set before). Of course, the thing will work if the phone and the computer are hanging on the same network and switch on the wif first. We did this too, our new tapip is completed.

step 3

The architecture of the Android application is endlessly simple, so we do not deserve much explanation:

  • the area in the left corner symbolizes the left click, you can already find the other side of it;
  • the roller appears on the center of the screen;
  • and the remainder is the location of the tapipad.

step 4

You are well aware that you can call up a full QWERTY keyboard with the keyboard icon, and in the upper left corner you can fine-tune the virtual rodent settings (eg sensitivity).

We think the above program can be interesting for laptops, but it is also true for desktop PCs. This apple is alive for apple owners, and they must look for them in the App Store.