The older CPUs were also protected by Intel

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The older CPUs were also protected by Intel - 5.0 out of 5 udgangspunkt 1 vote

Microcode upgrades have been made, so now the motherboard manufacturers have the responsibility.

intel microcode

The security incident that emerged at the beginning of the year caused Intel's engineers a serious blunder, as remediation hugged long months. The microcoding update that has been completed for days already covers processors around 2010, so products running Westmere, Lynnfield, Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge code-names can get the protection they need when they are delivered to a new BIOS. The patch certainly protects against Meltdown 3A (CVE-2018-3640, Rogue System Register Read) and Specter 4, so the upgrade is highly recommended (would).



Asrock beta-state UEFI; BIOS has been released.
For older Z77.
At such a distance, it would be surprising if any of the manufacturers were to produce a new BIOS. That is, it will be distributed by Windows updates - if MS does it. Someone will always be an obstacle. :)