The second Ryzen family launched a clock race

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Prudent is Core's "new" generation, Intel takes on the gloves.

intel 9 gen

Coffee Lake based solutions are a bridging feature that is also a response to the AMD Ryzen 2000 series. According to the above, only fine tune-ups were made, clocks increased by 100-200 MHz, but with a fresh name, this may even be enough for customers to get into the wallet.

Seeds / Fibers
Turbo Boost
Core i7-8086K 6C / 12T 4,0 GHz 5,0 GHz 95W
Core i7-8700K 6C / 12T 3,7 GHz 4,7 GHz 95W
Core i7-8700 6C / 12T 3,2 GHz 4,6 GHz 65W
Core i5-9600K 6C / 6T 3,7 GHz 4,5 GHz 95W
Core i5-8600K 6C / 6T 3,6 GHz 4,3 GHz 95W
Core i5-9600 6C / 6T 3,1 GHz 4,5 GHz 65W
Core i5-8600 6C / 6T 3,1 GHz 4,3 GHz 65W
Core i5-9500 6C / 6T 3,0 GHz 4,3 GHz 65W
Core i5-8500 6C / 6T 3,0 GHz 4,1 GHz 65W
Core i5-9400 6C / 6T 2,9 GHz 4,1 GHz 65W
Core i5-8400 6C / 6T 2,8 GHz 4,0 GHz 65W
Core i3-8350K 4C / 4T 4,0 GHz 95W
Core i3-8300 4C / 4T 3,7 GHz 62W
Core i3-9100 4C / 4T 3,7 GHz 65W
Core i3-8100 4C / 4T 3,6 GHz 65W
Core i3-9000 4C / 4T 3,7 GHz 65W
Core i3-8000 4C / 4T 3,6 GHz 65W

Information is not incidentally derived from an official microcode update guide, so it can be treated (almost) as a fact. As shown in the above table, now the four- and six-core models have fallen down, but it is easy to imagine that more uncommon types will come out in the coming months.

Official announcements for new arrivals are still waiting for you.

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