Corsair MP300: a cost effective masterpiece

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We've never had such a speed for so much money.

corsair mp300 budget ssd

The PCIe 300x coupler used by the Corsair MP2 series is an optimum midway for performance and price; the 3D TLC NAND chip SSD 1 600 reads MB / s with 1 000 MB / s. Obviously, these are not terrestrial values, but it is also worth considering what price tags are involved. Otherwise, the manufacturer is likely to target users who already have a SATA interface driver.

Corsair MP300 comes in the following form:

  • 120 GB - 59,99 Euro
  • 240 GB - 94,99 Euro
  • 480 GB - 154,99 Euro
  • 960 GB - 314,99 Euro