Toshiba comes with a 16 TB hard drive

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It is quite difficult to imagine this capacity, which is what we are trying to do.

toshiba hdd 16 tb mid

So what would a 16 TB Toshiba MG08 series hard drive do? This is, of course, not precisely ascertainable; we believe that it is almost certain that:

  • 140-160 Thousands of Songs;
  • 1 400-1 500 movie;
  • more than 10 million documents;
  • at least 1,0 million images.

Perhaps it can be seen from this that Toshiba's eighth-generation enterprise HDD series is not for home use. The official announcement highlights that the new data store provides better energy efficiency than the 14 TB model introduced last year - the latter uses an 9 plate and is filled with helium, as well as the current MG08 family. Data storage with 7 200 revolutions per minute is designed for annual 550 TB traffic, with an average time between malfunctions officially 2,5 millions of hours. Noteworthy is the cache size, which is not less than 512 MB. Wide availability is guaranteed by the SATA and SAS interfaces and the 3,5 inch format, says Toshiba.

The manufacturer recommends the most remarkable copy of the new series to cloud providers, as explosive data growth requires the appearance of HDDs of this size, while higher data density increases energy efficiency, while reducing the TCO of storage infrastructure (total cost of ownership).

The first samples of the 16 TB MG08 series drives will be shipped at the end of January.

Source: Toshiba