The floating globe as an artwork

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This fantastic gift for all ages will come to fruition.

C Shape Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe World Map v11a

The technical basis for the unique visual effect is an electronically controlled magnetic system. Looking at the pictures, it is easy to guess, the electromagnetic field is controlled in the C-shaped rack. In addition to floating the globe, the structure also functions as a luminaire (six), we believe the color LED light guarantees a really spectacular overall picture

The exact dimensions are: 17 × 18 × 5 cm, ball diameter 83 mm.


  • The device contains powerful magnets, so use it carefully if there is an electronic device (computer, USB key, media player, etc.) near you!
  • Rotation is not done by the stuff, the globe must move to move.
  • The levitation function is controlled by a microprocessor and an internal control unit - at least this is the tree - it keeps track of the distance between the globe and the electromagnetic head.
  • Connected to an electrical network, it is possible that you will need an English / Hungarian power converter.

It's a real "high-tech" gift for anyone, and its price is not too bad either. The ornament now discounts you for $ 15,99 dollars - it's approx. 4200 HUF. A note from the last number; Search for "Floating Globe Magnetic Globe" keywords, check it out!

More info and order: Floating globe (black)

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