If it is not really true, here is Bugatti Chiron's LEGO version

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The car's 1: 8 scale has worked incredibly hard, but that's what it looks like.

bugatti lego variated

The $ 2,5 purchase price of the Bugatti Chiron will probably be paid only by those born under some amazingly astonishing star shape, so LEGO is right to think of simple earthly mortals. Let's say it's true that this version was not a cheap thing as well: the 3 599 component is hurting for $ 349.

According to LEGO Technic, the Bugatti Chiron's W16 engine has been rebuilt to provide the most sophisticated engine ever. The machine's heart is made of a 16 cylinder, all of which are fully movable - thanks to the two crankshafts. The eight-speed gearbox is similarly complex with a total of eight fully functional gears. Another interesting thing is that the designers are filling up two new items to paint the Bugatti Chiron aerodynamically tested wheels. The first is the overlapping wheels that create the illusion of a stunning style and the second is a disk element that allows the wheels to be attached to the chassis. The decisive expression of attention is that LEGO also comes with a speed key, so we can control the rear spoiler - higher speed or better controllability.

What do we get when we cut a lightly peppery price? Each model comes with a "luxury boxed pack" and a "coffee table style" collection note - the latter includes the construction guide. Even if you have not won it, we are confident that LEGO Technic's website can provide you with more specific content from the lucky buyers.

Source: LEGO, techspot.com