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An interesting name for DeepCool

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Comes to Fryzen, the cooler of Ryzen. Perfect? As we take it.

fryzen 7

DeepCool has a brand new cooling solution for this name, which can be deployed to AMD's new generation platforms (TR4 / AM4), so besides Ryzen, it's also possible to run under the name of Threadripper - even supposedly specifically for the latter. As is well known, in these products (in general) the factory cooler is well-maintained - the company has also made a steady progress here - yet it would be a big mistake to downplay Fryzent; the gigantic skis (46 × 68 mm) runs no less than six heat pipes!

fryzen huto

DeepCool has not neglected the look, and the premium aluminum design frame makes it easy to recognize the product. Of course, 16,7 has no shades of RGB in color, which can be synchronized with the corresponding motherboards, and 36 has an optional lighting mode.

The expected price of Fryzen is 89.

Source: guru3d.com