Professional monitor arms from AOC

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From the manufacturer we can not only buy great office, multimedia or gamer monitors but also professional monitor arms.


The AOC has recently added its portfolio to VESA consoles and monitor arms. With the new VESA consoles, users can mount their mini-computers and thin clients directly on the monitor to reduce desk clutter and hide cables. The consoles are available for the professional series of AOC P1 and 90, as well as for the old 75 and 60 professional series monitors.

ad110d0 back to left

For users requiring maximum flexibility and a perfectly ergonomic work area, the AOC has developed single and double monitor arms. Both types allow you to accurately adjust the monitor's position and provide new collaboration options. The monitor arms have a removable cover, so cables can be hidden here to reduce the mess.

ad110d0 back view

The dual monitor arm (AD110) is the perfect solution for multi-monitor setups, with 12 and 27 inches and 2-9 kg screens. The height of the AD110 can be adjusted in the 230 mm range and can be moved forward and backward in the range of 100 to 520 mm. The monitor has an 65 ° / + 90 ° tilt angle, a 180 ° swivel joint, and an 360 ° pivot. AS110 and AD110 flexible monitor arms can serve different purposes. For example, an editor of a magazine or magazine can rotate the monitor in a stand-alone layout to see exactly how the text fits in the layout. Programmers will also love the easy switching between the two positions.

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For increased ergonomics and better posture, users are increasingly using height-adjustable tables to keep them from falling over the table. This is not a problem for the AOC monitor arms: thanks to the installed gas springs, you can easily adjust them to any position so the monitor is always at eye level. In a collaborative work environment, each user can easily adjust the depth, height, and angle of the monitor to suit their needs. It is also an excellent solution for collaboration: users can rotate the monitor so that their colleague can see the contents of the screen.