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Next month will come a 5 000 dollar monitor

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I mean, not to us (unfortunately), but to the market.

hp omg monitor wins

The NVIDIA is approx. a year ago announced the so-called BFGD (Big Format Gaming Display) technology. BFGD, to put it mildly, did not cause earthquake changes, but it could have been expected, because it is a hell of expensive implementation. In any case, HP sees fantasy in the matter, and next month will launch the Omen X Emperium 65.

hp omg monitor

Yeah, well, we think that the 64,5 inch display is by no means a small thing. The 8 bit AMVA panel offers 4K resolution (3840 × 2160), the brightness can be 750 and 1 000 (typical / HDR), and the contrast ratio is 3200: 1 and 4 000: 1 (minimum / typical). The viewing angle is based on HP data, and 178 degrees can be eliminated, while the 120 Hz image refresh rate (with overdrive up to 144 Hz) can be eliminated. A DCI-Omen X Emperium 3, which covers the P95 color space in 65%, received a very serious sound system; We don't know much about this yet, but it is already true that 120 has power. Unfortunately, the images do not really show that the monitor's I / O panel has been illuminated, so we will have to believe that HP will be invisible.

hp omg monitor mid

HP's Omen X Emperium 65 for Playful Monitor will be launched next month, with the expected price of $ 4 999 - the one dollar that is worth leaving as a tip - which is a modest 1,4-1,5 million HUF.

Source: techspot.com