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Luxury item or memory? Both!

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The extravagant Trident Z Royal offers crazy speed at crazy prices.

trident z royal

8-Zone RGB Lighting, Diamond Effect Decoration, Gold and Silver Heatsink, and an elegant Trident Z Royal inscription - this is what G.Skill's latest memory package offers. The pace of the eye-catching memory series is also common: the entry level is 3 000 MHz and the peak is 4 600 MHz.

04 trident z royal gold

Of course, these high-performance modules (DDR4 4 266, DDR4 4 400 and DDR4 4 600) require a rather rough operating voltage, and stable operation requires up to 1,45-1,5 voltages. The top model also offers a capacity of 2 × 8 GB, if we let it out of the operating frequency, then more storage space is available (up to 128 GB). Of course, the installation is supported by XMP 2.0, but the operation may be difficult, but AMD Ryzen processors would be surprised if you could get to the top of the modules.

We strongly encourage you to watch the video above! On the one hand, because of the 176 euro entry price (the gold version is already 182 euro) it is almost certain that you will not get closer to this memory, and because the decorative elements of the heat conducting plates produce refractions like diamonds! The top model in silver is 487 euro and in gold 496 euro - hmm, bagatell!

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Source: G.Skill