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At first glance, Crysist can handle the Samsung Notebook Odyssey

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This year CES introduced this beast to CES.

samsung laptop wins

The South Korean giant says no less, because with this portable machine there will be no compromise on the prospective owner. The first bold statement is based on Intel's eighth generation Core i7 processor (probably Core i7-8850H) and the brand new GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card. The laptop comes standard with 16 GB system memory, and our data can be stored on the 256 GB NVMe SSD and the 1,0 TB hard drive.

The player's tool did not save engineers on the display. Although not very large (15,6 inches) but with G-Sync support, the 144 Hz refresh rate and Black Equalizer are also noteworthy - this allows you to set dark areas in the game regardless of the brightness level . After the visual experiences, it is also desirable to speak about sound technology, here we need to highlight Dolby Atmos stereo sound recorders.

samsung laptop

The looks are not just everyday, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey 2,4 weighs up to kg, and it has already been shown that despite its 20 mm thinness, it is brutal. Of course, the massive heat generated during the load is delivered by heat pipes, and the two Jet Blade air vents are not accidentally introduced into the machine.

The device will soon be launched in the US and the price will not be published yet.

Source: hexus.net