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An interesting innovation is the Sanwa Supply: SKB-WL16BK

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Did Sanwa Supply in Japan think that a very interesting marriage would show us a child of love that could even be successful?


What's at stake here is the launch of a miniature keyboard that is also packed with gamepad features. Roughly speaking, they grabbed and pushed a keyboard under the analog arm. But why can this be successful? At first everyone is sure to be wary of the idea, but let's think about it better.


Nowadays, smartphones of all widespread use either physical or on-screen QWERTY keyboards. So, in truth, it's not such a bad idea, since that would give us a two-in-one device. This is how the SKB WL16BK wireless mini keyboard was born, which also received the 1 analog lever. The idea is a great guideline, because if done well, it can develop into a new compact periphery.


In this case, this initial attempt is best served as a companion to an HTPC, where human intervention is minimal, but I can do everything with a wireless device slightly larger than the handset we have. The SKB-WL16BK gives us an 76 QWERTY keyboard, complete with an analog lever and multimedia buttons along with the directional keys. In addition, there are two triggers on the SKB-WL16BK that may be familiar to gamepads.


In terms of physical size, the 145 x 90 x 28 millimeter dimension is accompanied by 168 grams (this includes the weight of the 2 AA battery required for operation). The device communicates wirelessly with the PC at 2,4 Ghz frequency. The SKB-WL16BK is a great two in one and the end-user price is $ 174,3.

Source: TechPowerUp!