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Logitech speeds to light speed

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There have been times when professional gaming was not the ideal choice for a wireless rodent.

logitech g305

Logitech has officially launched its latest release, the G305 mouse in the past few days. It soon became apparent that the product targeted the players; the 12 000 DPI sensitivity of the optical sensor running Hero and the 1 ms response time (Lightspeed Technology) may even be suitable for professional gamers. The latter implementation must be able to flatten the energy source AA carefully (it takes approximately 250 hours), but it is good to know that 8 ms is a response time of 9 months. Thanks to Lightspeed, the G305 wireless is still faster than most wired solutions.

As you can see, the classic form of the stuff ignores hesitation, according to Logitech, this key is for comfortable use. It is worth mentioning that the USB transmitter can be hidden inside the mouse, so we will not leave it - in principle.

We left the best at the end; the recommended retail price of the Logitech G305 is $ 60, which looks like a very friendly amount in the light of the above. More details about the gadget ide click to read!

Source: Logitech

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