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An unusual mouse was introduced by Ducky

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Secret 2 wire rodent offers a very exciting opportunity. It is difficult to decide how useful this phenomenon is.

ducky eger secret 2 nyito

Let's start with the basics: the Pixart PMW3360 sensor with a mouse pad allows you to set up a maximum 12 000 dpi sensitivity, the roller is delivered by the ALPS Encoder, the microswitches and the Omron - both of which are quite serious in the industry. Secret 2 has fortunately kept the PBT plastic (polybutylene terephthalate) used in the predecessor model, the main advantage of which is that it is resistant to fingerprints and dirt. So far, this is a decent craftsmanship that makes the rodent really special, the front of the LCD screen.

ducky eger secret 2 page ducky eger secret 2

The images clearly show that Secret 2 displays the current dpi and polling rate (sampling rate), so if you accidentally overwhelm the settings, you can simply read the current configuration immediately. It's not a common phenomenon, in our opinion, your user selects how viable this thing is. We note that the mouse pad is in-house development, but it has not been officially announced yet.

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