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Eight-Core Processor 45 Watts? Possible!

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Eight-Core Processor 45 Watts? Possible! - 5.0 out of 5 udgangspunkt 1 vote

The AMD Ryzen 3 7E was released in the 2700DMark database.

In addition to Futuremark's online interface, ASRock is official website has also demonstrated that AMD will come forward with two new energy-efficient Ryzen processors in the foreseeable future. Both newcomers were classified in the 45 watt consumption class, which significantly affected the operating frequencies significantly. The six-speed Ryzen 5 2600E still has 3,1 GHz, and Ryzen 7 2700E, which has two processing units, is slower than 300 MHz. There is no news on high-speed clocks (XFR 2), unfortunately, we do not know that only the OEMs will get the news or the retailers will be able to offer them. So many fans of small machines would be delighted with these processors, since the 45 wattage consumption with soldered heat transfer caps (IHS) can not be a problem even in space.

3dmark ryzen 2700e

The expected performance is difficult to make, we think the smaller model can move on the Ryzen 5 1600 level, and the larger ones can approach Ryzen 7 1700.

Source: guru3d.com