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Mozilla is experimenting with interesting things

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Test Pilot is basically the sandbox of the foundation, where the latest experiments are located.

firefox 2017 logo full new

This is a good thing, because we can see months ago what innovations can be expected; Color and Side View.

As the name implies, Color is designed to enhance Firefox coloring, enabling you to easily change the color of your browser (tabs, icons, address bar, etc.). The Foundation offers a number of unique themes, but of course we can share our own material with the community.

Side View may be of interest to users with a larger screen; we can show more than one page at a time with the extension. The site on the sidebar brings you the mobile view of the page, as long as it's available. When the add-on is active, one click can send the web page to the sidebar - that is, can be useful for social networking sites.

It's important to note that these novelties are just experiments, but they are not sure to appear in the mainstream.

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