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Linux Mint 19 is ready

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The 19 edition is based on Ubuntu 18.04's long-running (LTS) version.

summer linuxmin ok

This release mainly brings further refinement of the existing software environment, but thanks to the new LTS funds both the kernel and the GUI is much newer components. In Linux Mint 19, the show's star is Timeshift. Although Linux Mint 18.3 was presented and ported to all Linux Mint edition is now available in Linux Mint -stratégiájának and upgrade the communications center. With Timeshift, you can go back in time and restore your computer to the last working snapshot.

Here are some more news:

  • Update Manager no longer requires user vigilance and selective updates.
  • The Software Manager has undergone a fine tuning.
  • Xed, the word processor uses the new settings window.
  • Improved HiDPI support.
  • New wallpapers and welcome screen.

You can read the detailed presentation on Linux Mint's Hungarian fan site ide you can click to open it!

Source: linuxmint.hu