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Here's the awesome version of Winamp!

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The Winamp Community Update Project (WACUP) enhances the known music player with a series of fixes.

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The base is Winamp's 5.666 patched version, which has been complemented with a bunch of valuable enhancements:

  • security and stability improvements;
  • Big Bento modern and native cPro skins;
  • faster start and stop;
  • improvements to plugins, command line, and media formats;
  • a detailed list here readable.

At first startup, WACUP offers optional exteriors, and you can view it here.

winamp skin

It is worth noting that, according to the developers, it is not recommended to install the application in the same folder as the original Winamp to avoid any confusion. It is planned that WACUP will receive new updates every month and the application will be free of charge Indoor download it! There are no particular system requirements, we only need to know that Windows XP is unfortunately not supported.

Source: ghacks.net