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A new browser entered the stage

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Otter is the browser that wants to fill the gap left after Opera 12.

Otter Browser

The first beta of the application was released in 2014, so we can definitely say that the development was somewhat delayed. Either way, we are happy to announce that the first stable release of the Otter browser has been completed; Windows owners can now download the program, Linux and Mac OS X are coming later.

Of course, Otter can be a gaming device for advanced users, as typically the old Opera is equipped with a range of features that are far from being considered essential. The stuff is driven by the QtWebEngine engine, which otherwise has good compatibility, so in most cases there will be no problems with display. It is worth trying the RSS reader, we think this is one of the main strengths of the application. It is worth knowing that Otter also has an ad filter (EasyList), so we don't have to install any third-party add-ons.

otter browser feeds

The development did not stop at this point, of course, the grouping of tabs will come in the future, automatic filling of forms, Chrome accessories will also be supported, besides, we can count on the integrated mailer - as long as this does not happen, some of the shortcomings can be replaced by user JavaScript. .

Source: otter-browser.org, ghacks.net