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When does Microsoft realize it?

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It is time to recognize that there are problems with the current development strategy of Windows 10.

According to AdDuplex's current survey, the operating system's fragmentation is getting worse, and the October update (1809) is downright bad: according to statistics, it has a total share of 6,6%. Exact numbers are exactly like this:

  • 83,6% April Update
  • 5,7% Autumn creative update
  • 1,8% Creative Update
  • 1,4% Anniversary Update
  • 0,3% is the original Windows 10

windows 10 versions

Theoretically, the latest version of the system (1809) should be on much more computers, but it is highly likely that many users have decided to postpone due to serial problems in the cumulative update package. So, Windows 10 1809 is in a very special situation, as Microsoft's development schedule says the next release of the system (19H1) will be available in the spring, at around 3-4 months. The latter fact predicts that the majority of users simply skip this release, thus overwriting the half-year update cycle. In our opinion, it would be enough to issue a major update once a year, so the developers would have more time to prepare for the novelties, and maybe stability could also improve.

Source: howtogeek.com