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Approximately 7,0 GB of storage space is added to the new Windows 10!

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The next version of Windows 10 (19H1) will make a little bit of data storage.

According to the latest news, the next release of the operating system will already include the development of a backup storage space; its size will be around 7,0 GB. Windows 10 will download the current updates here, and then install it as appropriate. Microsoft has done this because there are still a lot of computers (mainly portable) that cannot install a security patch, because there is not enough space on them. Obviously, this method will not increase the storage space, but it will guarantee that there is enough storage capacity for the upgrade packages. To put it even more simply, Windows eliminates the possibility of having the user partitioning the partition so much that there are problems with installing updates.

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You can also use this "cached" location to store temporary files, which will be automatically deleted during the update. In theory, this means that we do not lose anything from the available storage space, but in practice, it is likely that there will be users who do not have an 7,0 GB temporary file, so it will still be an unused space. The exact size of the container will depend on the individual environment (services, language packs, etc.), if the base system is larger, then obviously this partition will also be larger. It can be a solution to the system's diet, which will also affect this partition.

Windows 10 19H1 (1903) is likely to be released in April. The novelty comes into effect automatically when upgrading or installing clean. Removing storage space is not possible, but its size may change in the future (for example, based on diagnostic data or possibly feedback from users).

Source: Microsoft