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Finally, messages in the Facebook messenger can be deleted

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Let's say calmly, it was time for the thing.

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Last year, it was re-annoyed that there should be such a function, so TechCrunch reported that I'll continue with a conversation with Mark Zuckerberg. Then Facebook said that this mechanism is a built-in process to protect information from drivers, preventing subsequent data leakage. Specifically, this means that Mark's messages are automatically deleted after the set time.

Well, according to the latest news, we get a solution similar to that, of course, that we can remove entries sent to the wrong place or possibly incorrect. First, the new feature on iOS and Android interfaces can be used, which can be used for 10 minutes after sending the message. If you delete the message during the 10 minutes, the message will be removed instead of the text. When you delete, you can choose to delete our entry only at our place or at the contact.