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Two million accounts are banned per month from WhatsApp

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In this fact, it is not interesting how much to ban, but how!


In the case of community platforms, one of the most pressing problems of today is the elimination of fake accounts, which are used to spread spam or other illegal activities. WhatsApp leaders talked about the problem and of course the solution at a press conference in New Delhi.

According to them, the company has developed a machine learning system that detects and disables 'inappropriate behavior' accounts. Inappropriate behavior involves sending bulk messages and creating multiple accounts to distribute "questionable" content. The machine learning system has reached the point where it can separate the 20 percentage of inappropriate accounts in the registration phase.

From WhatsApp, Matt Jones said that the system looks at various factors before disabling it. They use a list that includes, inter alia, IP addresses and phone numbers that were used to create similar accounts. Of course, this would not be enough, artificial intelligence can detect non-malicious use in percent of human interference in the case of two million blocked accounts per month.