Is AMD Vega doing so well?

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The smaller processor manufacturer boasted at Computex that the number of Vega inserts delivered exceeded the previous generation by ten times.

radeon vega

Somewhat surprisingly, AMD did not understand the logically expected Polaris family under the predecessor, but until Furun (Radeon R2015 Fury X, R9 Nano and Radeon R9 Fury) appeared in 9. For our part, we would have been curious about the exact numbers, but unfortunately this did not come out of the presentation.

amd vega sales

The sale of Vega based graphics cards was surely crushed by crypto mining, and the chip really was serious about its capabilities in this area. It's a big question as to what the Radeon Gaming brand is about to do in the near future, because breaking the price might turn out to be a fierce competition.