AMD is launching new graphics cards

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The Polaris 30 GPU comes with two "new" monitor controllers.

rx 570 open

According to PCOnline, AMD will make some blood updates in the coming weeks, which will launch two "new" video cards. Officially unconfirmed, these will be similar to the Radeon RX 570 and RX 580 models that were previously presented, even though they will eventually fall under the names of the store shelves. From this it can be expected that engineers have made minimal modifications, the biggest change is probably due to the more modern production technology (12 nm process), and the resulting higher operating frequency.

The lucky newcomers are that NVIDIA moves to the Turing family at higher altitudes, so the Polaris 30 combines the already overwhelming Pascal-based models. Thanks to the latter, it is not excluded that Polaris 30 is able to perform successfully with (!) Pricing. The smaller model according to PCOnline is October 12. and 15. and the RX 580 clone will be released sometime early November.