Awesome action on GearB, read it at all!

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I do not really understand how to do it for them, but this is not our problem.


The point is next. Today and tomorrow, that is, on October 31, you can pay a deposit on a rake product, which can be bought at a great discount on November 1st. The down payment is small, only $ 5-10, but in return, we can get hundreds of dollars in rebates. Maybe they trust that many will pay the advance and they will not buy the product yet? The deposit paid in this case will certainly not go back! Of course it is their trouble if we buy everything! :)

Some taste of discount prices:

  • Ninebot Segway ES1 no. 9 Electric Roller: Original Price 468,99 Dollars, Advance 10 Dollars, Discount 179 Dollars
  • FIIDO D1 electric bicycles: Original price 618,99 dollars, down payment 10 dollars, discount 229 dollars
  • Teclast 98 4G tablet: Original price 191,99 dollar, down payment 10 dollar, discount 77 dollar
  • Xiaomi Notebook Air: Original Price 1044,99 Dollars, Advance 10 Dollars, Discount 355 Dollars!

...and so on. This action is already considered the foreknowledge of the November 11 actions, you know, 11.11 is China's Black Friday, when they are crazy about us. The actions will start on November 5, but the biggest blow will usually be 11.

The action page is here: GearBest preorder action