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The 1 TB phone was released, and then I was in a quiet silence

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So far, did you know that Samsung Galaxy S10 + will be the first phone with 1 TB storage? You are wrong!

smartisan nut r11

Last May, the Chinese Smartisan manufacturer announced the SMARTISAN NUT R1. R1 is an Android-based device with two rear cameras, a Snapdragon 845 processor and up to 8 GB RAM. The most interesting feature of this device is that it can be ordered with up to 1 TB UFS 2.1 container. The introductory price of SMARTISAN NUT R1 was 8 848 yuan (about $ 1400). Then the head of the company said in a loud voice that we would see Samsung and Apple copying them, which they wanted to emphasize that they were the first in the market with such a mass storage. Anyway, of course, it is unfortunate to say that this is because 1 TB capacity in the top category is the next step, so it will scratch the drop-off category a bit.

According to the latest news, the big vest soon became small, leaving the manufacturer a marginal player on the market. Perhaps the unknown name, maybe the big price tag, did, but the fact was that SMARTISAN NUT R1 was barely sold, and even the company could only sell 3 millions of phones over the past four years, which is sweet to survive. This resulted in a problem with the payment of wages by December, and the company's accounts were frozen due to supplier claims. It will be hard to get out of this pit, so we can safely say the fate of the company is, to say the least, uncertain.