Bluboo S1 - The new flagship comes with a frame-free display

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Bluboo's new phone has been expected, as the competitors have the same hardware as their competitors, but its price has been quite friendly. At this price, the introductory action announced here is further improved, providing you with a discount of up to $ 50. Before I introduce the action, let's look at the hardware of the phone, which was a bit intimidating.

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The fully-grounded phone processor is a Helio P25, which runs on eight cores and clocks up to 2,5 GHz. A dedicated Mali T880 GPU is responsible for the graphics. The phone's system memory is 4 GB, while the storage space is 64 GB, which we can of course add to the microSD card, which can be used with up to 256 GB capacity.

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The phone's display is a 5,5 colos, FHD 1920 x 1080 pixel panel that Gorilla Glass 4 glass protects against damage. When it comes to the display, it is important to note that the manufacturer gives the 90% ratio to the display and housing ratio, apparently the 90 percentage of the visible surface of the phone is the display itself. This also means that the hardware is packed in the smallest possible housing despite the big screen so that it can be used more comfortably. Further extra, the display has three-sided framing. This basically means that there are no frames on both sides, and on top there is only a very thin band left in the loudspeaker.

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Bluboo S1 can handle three cameras. Two on the back and one on the front. The front camera is 5 megapixel, a 13 and a 3 megapixel at the rear. The latter also naturally received flash, or the camera features common to Android, such as the touch-sensitive focus on the screen.

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Let's see the radios! We get wifi access to computer networks, which supports 802.11 a / b / g / n standards. You can connect to other devices with Bluetooth, which is a rather rare Bluetooth 4.0 version of this phone. Navigation will also work well as Bluboo S1 has received GPS, A-GPS and GLONASS support. Only solutions for mobile data are left in place. The phone, of course, is 3G and LTE, but it is very important for the manufacturer to have LTE 800 MHZ support, so mobile broadband can be enjoyed in Hungary as well.

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The sensors, the battery, the physical dimensions and the software remained at the end. Bluboo S1 comes naturally with Android 7.0. They have been equipped with the most important sensors, so there is a light sensor, magnetic and gravity sensor, so the VR experience also has the glasses we can put into it. Do not forget the fingerprint sensor from the sensors, though this is almost a compulsory accessory in this category. The built-in battery is 3500 mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer Power Source. The phone's dimensions are 14,86 x 7,43 x 0,79 centimeters, and its weight is 0,169 kilograms.

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After the hardware, let's see the action! You should know that in the case of built-in hardware, a mid-range phone like Bluboo S1 is in the range of approximately 190-210 dollars. Bluboo's price will normally be 210 after the launch action. For the duration of the action, ie from July 10 to 17, the price of the phone is only 160. The cake on the cake is that every day during the action, the phone receives the 80 dollar of the top ten buyers. It is important that the UTC time zone begins at the beginning of the day with 9 hours in the morning. Now we are in CEST, and CEST is equal to UTC + 2 hours. So try to buy a phone for 80 dollars!

The price of the phone, therefore, if it fails to reach the top ten of the day, is $ 160, that is roughly $ 46. This price is therefore extremely costly for iron, even if we have to pay customs and VAT, it is worth comparing it with the prices of similarly-available phones in the domestic range.

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