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Mozilla is preparing for a big launch!

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This takes a little while.

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One of the founders of the foundation, Emily Kager, shared the information on Twitter to upgrade Firefox to Android for the second half of the year to "maintenance" mode, so new features do not really come in. Instead, bug fixes or new security issues are expected. There is no reason for concern, this vegetation period is only for this year, as we will be happy to see a major change next year, which Mozilla does not want to talk about yet. It is certain that programmers are already working on this, and this is obviously due to the fact that this year's "break" is expected.

firefox for android

Let's say, this is just pure speculation; we think the new Firefox is Android components it will be fruitful. With the help of the Android directory, Mozilla can standardize its current browsers (Firefox Focus / Firefox Klar, Firefox Rocket, Firefox for Fire TV), dramatically simplifying development for the robot system. Whatever it is, it is certain that this year will get the programmers involved.

Firefox for Android users have nothing special to do, they can still browse the fullest because security patches are still available. There will be as many changes as you will see little realistic innovations from now on.

Source: HOC, ghacks.net

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