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5 is a super tablet with 11.11. under the action!

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The Chinese Singing Day holiday has surprisingly good discounts, and this is where we spotted the tablet.

11.11 ready

The Singles Day was originally a Chinese invention, but has spread to more and more countries today. On this day, we can count on actions similar to the Black Friday, so we can already start preparing for the year-end festivities.

Tablet PCs represent a favorite branch of their electronic gadgets, and Gearbest presented the list below as the most popular and best deals on this subject. These machines both stand in the school and in the workplace, and are able to serve all entertainment needs due to their performance. Let's start by looking at what offers you should pay attention to in the 11.11 action!

we pad 4

1. Xiaomi MI Pad 4 - 209,99 dollars

With Xiaomi's high-quality, yet affordable, electronic devices, you are now killing millions in the hearts of millions. The Mi Pad 4 is a state-of-the-art tablet that is guaranteed to cope with the current challenges. The 8 inch screen invokes attention (bright colors and fascinating detail) (IPS base, Full HD resolution), so it's the ideal choice for both movie and gaming enthusiasts. With the unmatched slim and lightweight design, there is no complaint about the portability of the Mi Pad 4.

Under the size display, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 system chip works, and its work is supported by 4,0 GB RAM. Along with the MIUI 9 operating system, this package is packed with the latest games as well, and the 64 GB internal storage will certainly be enough for our personal files. The 13 MP rear camera is remarkable, and it is reportedly a good shot to shoot. When looking for a really powerful tablet, the Xiaomi MI Pad 4 will be the ideal choice for us!

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huawei m5

2. HUAWEI MediaPad M5 - 460,7 dollars

This "little thing" can be used for both work and entertainment. The 8.0 operating system uses eight-core processor and 4,0 GB memory, and 32 GB internal storage can be expanded with the 256 GB SD card. The 8,4 colos display has 2K resolution (IPS panel), and there is no reason to complain about image quality here. M5 is definitely not a penny offer, but at least that's why we get a really good performance system hiatus (HiSilicon Kirin 960 SoC).


3. Teclast T20 4G Phablet - 200,99 Dollar

The 10,1 inch display is certainly a fascinating experience for filming, perhaps this may be the true strength of the device. The T20 is powered by a ten-core processor named MediaTek Helio X27, with 4,0 GB system memory installed, with ROM capacity up to 64 GB and up to an 128 GB SD card. The operating system could be newer, however, Android 7.0 release is far from being obsolete. Also worth mentioning is the 13 MP camera, Bluetooth 4.0 and dual band WiFi, and further details can be read on the link below!

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all x1

4. ALLDOCUBE X1 - 169,99 USD

The manufacturer here probably thought that the bigger was not necessarily better; You can enjoy the slim and compact 8,4 colos display on the go! The viewer here also has 2K resolution, which is clearly visible in this size. With the weaker processor, it is not worth it all, fortunately, this is not the case here, as the 10 Magio Helio X20 processor is a prominent representative of the middle class. The RAM and ROM sizes are standard (4 / 64 GB), despite a good price, an 13 megapixel camera is included in the budget and Dual-SIM support is not mentioned yet! In fact, we are not dealing with a series of prominent manufacturers, but ALLDOCUBE X1 is a good choice.

5. Chuwi HI10 AIR Windows Tablet - $ 169,99


Last but not least, an affordable Windows tablet is recommended. The stuff runs a Windows 10 operating system, which is compressed into the 64 GB internal storage - up to 128 GB. Featuring a large 10,1 inch display, these Full HD materials can be enjoyed in full swing. The quad-core processor is supported by 4,0 GB memory, the visual drive being Intel 8. generation GPU. This cost-effective tablet is a perfect solution for anyone who is thinking of using a machine like a recreation (browsing, games) and commercial purposes (writing notes, correspondence, etc.).

The above five offerings can be divided into two groups: Chuwi HI10 AIR and ALLDOCUBE X1 Phablet are primarily intended for basic needs (games, movies), and the other three offers maximize entertainment experience because these tablets have significantly stronger hardware , so they essentially stop in their role.


A good, 12-13 collos, 3: 4 scale ipad pro-screen tablet, which is readly readable optimally, does it exist?
16: 9, full hd resolution is slim for this purpose.


Chuwi Hi12 CWI520 Tablet PC

12 colos display, 4: 3 aspect ratio, 2160 x 1440 resolution, Intel Atom proci, 4 GB RAM 64 GB ROM, Windows 10
The 199 dollar coupon is valid for the 100 dollar, so you can take it for $ 190.
Szabi + +
Great idea, look forward to you, thank you in advance too!
A good, 12-13 collos, 3: 4 scale ipad pro-screen tablet, which is readly readable optimally, does it exist?
16: 9, full hd resolution is slim for this purpose.

Let's look at the thing.
Szabi + +
A good, 12-13 collos, 3: 4 scale ipad pro-screen tablet, which is readly readable optimally, does it exist?
16: 9, full hd resolution is slim for this purpose.