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Lenovo A5 - Not Even Hundreds! (now with coupon discount)

Lenovo A5 - Not Even Hundreds! (now with coupon discount)

Recently, Lenovo has relatively little to say about you, but after A5, it's easy to get back to focus!

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Surely not just with us, but with our readers in the world of smartphones, it often happens that they are browsing through the entry-level devices sometimes. The thing (predominantly) is due to the fact that the pace of development is astonishing without exaggeration, which was only a privilege of buyers with a very large wallet for a few years now that is now available to anyone. These thoughts were exactly the same when we first looked at the main parameters of Lenovo A5. And then, for a short detour, let us continue this reasoning.

We ask you to think for a moment about the challenges facing developers when designing a device for two digit budgets - it's hard to find out where you've been trying on 314 before. Do not be misunderstood, we are not aiming for Lenovo to put this segment on top of the head, but at two points we already see remarkable numbers: battery and memory. Even if the little cowards are not good enough to do the stuff, it will be revealed later.

Full specification

Product details

Model: Lenovo A5 (L18021)
SoC: CPU: MT6739 (1,5 GHz, Quad-Core, 28 nm, 64 bit) and GPU: PowerVR GE8100 (570 MHz)
Operating System: Android 8.1 Oreo (August Security Pack, ZUI 3.0)
Memory: 3 GB LPDDR3 RAM (667 MHz) and
16 / 32 GB ROM (Micro SD support for 256 GB, dedicated slot)
Expansion: Nano SIM + Nano SIM
Battery: 4000 mAh (non-replaceable)
DisplaySize: 5,45 "(IPS), 76,7 cm² (73,9% display / front panel ratio)
Resolution: HD + (720 × 1440 pixels)
Pixel density: 295 ppi
Notification LED: yes
cameraRear camera, 13 MP (f / 2,2 aperture, autofocus, LED light, 1080p @ 30fps)
8 MP front camera (fixed focus, f / 2,2 aperture, LED flash)
Network4G FDD-LTE:
850 MHz / 900 MHz / 1800 MHz / 1900 MHz
GPS and connectionsGPS / A-GPS
Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, WiFi Direct, hotspot

Bluetooth 4.2, A2DP, LE
FM radio

sensorslight sensor
proximity sensor

Dimensions and weight

146,2 × 70,9 × 9,8 mm and 160 grams

Package contents

1 × Lenovo A5, 1 × EU Power Charger, 1 × Micro USB Cable, 1 × English Owner's Manual, 1 × SIM Needle

From the above data, it is clear that today, this device is playing in the lower house, but it can also be seen that the hardware is likely to hit the required minimum.


Packaging and exterior

The confident cleansing of the cover reveals impressions as if a big dew of the blood had been in our possession, although this is not the case. Too much information is not scattered by the manufacturer, the basic data will not be revealed until we dig into the package. Unfortunately, Lenovo was not generous with accessories: Apart from the A5, the charger, the microUSB cable, the SIM needle and the English user manual are found - we do not get a silicone case, but unfortunately no screen protector. Fortunately, these shortcomings are easy to replace, filling items, yet imaginatively inserting a smaller black dot.

1IMG 20181112 123344

For a couple of years, we would certainly not have received a large sum of money on a smartphone with an 5,45 display with an average size indicator, but this is the battle situation. 18: 9 Image Displacement Resolution Displays 1440 × 720 pixels, representing the percentage 73,9 of the front panel (Gearbest 80,3%), which implies that it is not explicitly "frameless". Under today's conditions, this is almost a peculiar one, the same mentality gained space on the sensor island, so it went to the soup. The outfit reminds us of the era of smart phones, and in this respect it can be considered as a cool spot for many thin coffees. It is a pleasant concomitant part of a subtle physical extension that we do not need fingertip exercises to use A5's one hand. In the upper right corner of the front you will find the notification LED, in which case we will have two comments. The first is that, by default, the device prevents running in the background for every application, which impedes the appearance of notifications, which is why we will have to control it separately for application permissions. The other is that the LED does not have particularly strong light effects, it is relatively difficult to insert the signals from a distance.

lenovo a5 tech

The miracle bug is essentially overwhelmed, the rest of it is now a military order: Right side is the power button (the SIM card is on the other side), the volume controls above it, the 3,5 mm jack on the top of the unit connector and microUSB input on the bottom. The 8 megapixel front camera has tiny finesse, here you will find the only A5 loudspeaker or the front LED flashlight - this can still be a good idea for the minds of the wolves.

lenovo a5

On the back cover the fingerprint reader, the 13 megapixel camera, and the auxiliary light. The engineers placed the last duo in the upper left corner, which is good because we are not likely to be cloned when biometric identification is done. In the quality of the assembly we could not find fault, the side buttons had a high pressure point, only the rear panel felt that there was absolutely no flagship in our hands. To say the plastic "robe" excuse, it is at least safe to catch, not from slippery breed.



Despite its slightly calibrated color, this compact form is pleasing, and nowadays it is a bit unusual if you come across a one-handed use somewhere. There is no complaint about the sensitivity of the touch panel, just like the viewing angle, but the brightness could be greater because it is very close to the end of the slider in the sun to provide visibility. It also does not help that automatic control saves the figure. We need to ensure the physical protection of the display, so it is worth rolling a glass foil. The display resolution is at the maximum possible size (SoC supports this), 295 PPI has proved to be sufficient, and we think it is an optimal value for such large panels.


The widgets are powered by MediaTek MTK28 SoC on 6739 nm strip width. The system chip is a relatively new product (it is understood that it was announced a year ago), combining four ARM Cortex-A53 CPU cores and PowerVR GE8100 IGPs - of course, besides many others. The official 64 GHz 1,50 bit processor cores are the 5 GHz (according to Device Info HW, this is the A570), even the graphics chip at 3.2 MHz. It is worth noting that OpenGL 1.1, Vulkan 1.2, and OpenCL 264 support, and also have a good relationship with H.265 and H.XNUMX / HEVC standards. The only real weak point of the tile is energy demand, and we are still doing this thoroughly.

Of course, not only does Lenovo build on this chip, or even better look at it, can be said to be a popular SoC in this segment: Alcatel 3x, Honor 7S, Cubot Nova, HTC Desire 12, Huawei Y5 2018, Leagoo M9 Pro. There is some difference because some manufacturers are running 1,30 GHz, and of course it is not a common phenomenon that 3 GB memory is being added.

MediaTek Mt6739

The computing power was based on our experiences at the expected level, and there was some surprise here and there - more on that later. The big rival Xiaomi Redmi 6A has little lag behind, its advantage comes from the minimal clock surplus. Overall, however, the language of the scales may still turn to Lenovo A5 because the size of the system memory is 3,0 GB, foxed millet similar solution works with little 2,0 GB. The size of RAM can be said to be unusual with some kind of goodwill, in this price category, 2,0 GB is the standard - it seems to have 2018 at the end of this new minimum. The 16 GB ROM is going to end up in the clouds, with just over 8,0 GB being the usable storage space. In the absence of MicroSD expansion, the title of the year would certainly be the winner of the year's title, but this is not happening because we can use up to 5 GB cards without any problems. Make sure that if you insert an SD card as an internal storage, you pay as much attention to speed as the size.

PowerVR 8XEP LaunchEmbargo Jan17 PDF 18 575pxPowerVR 8XEP LaunchEmbargo Jan17 PDF 20 575px

The MTK6739 brain was squeezed under 46 251 at AnTuTu, and Geekbench stopped at a fat 1 859 point (657 on a core). We have also run a few web gauges, the SunSpider 1.0.2 has also produced an uncompressed 2 037 ms, but AnTuTu's HTML5 meter has "flattened" the Lenovo A5: 16 843 dots - better than the Huawei P8 working with the three-year-old swordsman. With MotionMark 1.1, we closed the line of synthetic tests, which also confirmed us not to have a high-grade iron roll under the back cover.

Let's talk a bit about our own experiences, which are perhaps more relevant than the different measuring programs. Lenovo A5 is all about to rush until the resources of the central unit are available for a particular application. In practice, this means that, for example, browsing can be excellent as long as no resource-intensive app appears in the background - this can happen in a Google Play-powered update. It may also cause a spectacular slowdown to run a complex metering program in Chrome; the quad-core MTK6739 can only meet these expectations if it is no longer burdened from another direction during that operation. Multitasking is therefore a remoteness of this approach, and the correct internal memory (from which an 1 000-1 500 MB is blank) will be good for apps to stay in RAM for a relatively long time. Recharges, of course, do happen, so we really do not want to think about what life would be like with 2,0 GB.

Players who are enthusiastic in the consumer obviously do not count their calculations in this smartphone, but they can not be considered as hopeless either. The simplest 2D games are unlikely to be a problem, the three-dimensional relaxation will be more exciting, especially if you want to try a few more titles - the Dead Trigger 2 is not an obstacle, but PUBG does not even have much thanks. The fans of the tanks are fantastic news, and the fanciful World of Tanks Blitz will give you a very special gaming experience on your device, so it's time to hit! It is worth noting that the system chip is not prone to warming, and the processor could not overheat the backplane even after a few minutes of peaking.

Screenshot 2018 11 17 12 32ShareScreenshot 2018 11 17 12 22


At this point, Lenovo is no longer a competitor, and the operating system is powered by the absolutely up-to-date Android 8.1 (Oreo) with the ZUI 3.0 user interface. We have already discussed the fact that the robot system is not just about unlimited resources, but we rarely encountered more serious wriggling, and the software is sufficiently efficient with horsepower. We say we do not quite understand why the scarcity of internal storage is so scattered by the manufacturer, fortunately, a significant part of them can be deleted so we can recover some capacity. Originally, the 40 app was pressed exactly to the ROM, namely:

  • Utility: Freezer, Clock, Notes, Calculator, SIM Card Toolbox, File Manager, Settings, Finally Clean, Truecaller;
  • Multimedia: FM Radio, Sound Record, Video Player, Music Player;
  • Games: Asphalt Nitro, Bubble Bash 3, Little Big City 2, Puzzle Pets, Sonic Runners, Spiderman
  • Other: UC Browser, AppDaily, Syncit, Themes, Beauty Fit, Intelligent Aggregating Pages (more on this later)
  • Google Package: Chrome, Maps, Youtube, Drive, Photos, Gmail, Duo, Play Music and Movies

The biscuits wonder approx. half of it is crammed into memory, after the pre-loading the GUI's reaction is good, with cold starters it is obvious that not a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is throwing inside the stuff. ZUI is far more than a crude Android. This is a very good case for 99 as a percentage of the XNUMX (the upside-up of the apps is dirty missing), so here's a quick list of the more convincing capabilities of the system:

  • Scheduled (from sunset to sunrise or at any time) night light;
  • Flashlight, split screen mode, weather forecast widget;
  • Optionally, animation between home screens can be modified;
  • Intelligent aggregating page application (multi-function search - news, apps);
  • You can lock apps in a task changer (these will not be released by Android), or by tapping to open their information page.

From the news, we're really well-positioned: turning to the left of Google's news feed, two more tabs to the right, the above-mentioned Intelligent Aggregation page reveals the world's events. It's important to note that Lenovo has A5 Play Protect certification, so:

  • Google-licensed applications owned by Google;
  • successfully passed the Android Compatibility Test.

The biggest mistake of the system is that it is a very significant part of the menu items, at least a third of them are in English, so the localization is semi-finished - we hope this will change with the next update. The security package is August, but there is no newer version of this and the UI yet. The stability of the operating system is exemplary, despite the modest resources, nothing has been left in the unresponsive state of the test, with enough patience to keep up from each other's undesired condition.



The other point where cost-cutting is never going to be painless, and this is no different now. Let's start with the software, which is a very pleasant repertoire: timelaps, panoramic photos, watermarking, arc construction, advanced and "AI" mode, HDR. There is geotagging as well (giving photos with GPS coordinates), and it is also a joyous phenomenon that the front panel camera also has a flash. Before using for the first time, you should definitely browse through the possibilities, for example. the videos are not made of the best quality by default, so it's best to change them.

Screenshot 2018 11 17 20 19Screenshot 2018 11 17 20 21
Screenshot 2018 11 17 20 20Screenshot 2018 11 17 20 19

In addition to optimum lighting conditions, A5 is capable of producing productive performance, but in the dark it can produce paranormal phenomena. The dynamic range is somewhat satisfactory, the line width is not necessarily the same. Generally, we can discover some overcrowding, all at the edges of the lens with crowned eye shadow. The focus of the focus is average, and approximately the same as the finished material. So, for the money, we can not count on rolling image quality, according to us, the paper form came into this area. We've also created a short video (Full HD resolution with 30 fps) to better judge your camera's capabilities. Yes, you will also see that the material is hand-made and the optical image stabilizer is missing.

IMG 20181115 124337IMG 20181115 124954IMG 20181115 125149IMG 20181117 132817
IMG 20181115 125338 IMG 20181115 125502IMG 20181115 125821IMG 20181117 131605
IMG 20181115 165627IMG 20181115 165439IMG 20181115 130356IMG 20181115 170020

The video looks like this:

Connections, other

With Lenovo A5, the full 4G / LTE frequency band (1800 MHz (B3), 2600 MHz (B7) and 800 MHz (B20)) can be accessed, with their 802.11 b / g / n devices (in 2,4 GHz range) and can work as a hotspot. Basic features are Bluetooth 4.2, AGPS and GPS, but NFC is not a big surprise. As you can read, the jack socket has not been left out of the phone, and then the FM radio has to be mentioned, but this is the end of the imaginary list. It is also worth knowing that the two SIMs are available even when the SD card is used for the three slots.

We were not completely satisfied with the positioning system (GPS). The satellite search took place at a remarkable speed, in this area with the hat before the A5, but accuracy left some hope; Google Maps occasionally inside the walls of buildings positioned us, in one case a street is wrong, so in a precision strike gun it is definitely not recommended - not a Paladin lost in it. The WiFi module was significantly better played, which was excellent in both the quality of the connection (stability, search, etc.) and the data transfer rate.


The fingerprint reader is well tested. Fingerprint recording was a rather lengthy procedure, but it was undoubtedly worth it because A5 had more than 90% dissolution efficiency - in exchange for the test not just at light speed. It's hard to imagine that this way of unlocking would not be for someone else, but if that was the case, then there is still the possibility of Face Unlock.

Speaker also fills the main speaker as well, for Honor 7S. The sound quality was okay, but the volume is noticeably limited - it does not distort, in return it does not produce an earshot. Of course, this performance is perfectly enough for calls, but it's sleek for listening to music.


Battery and operating time

Iron is not specifically manufactured with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology (28 nm), relatively low pixel counts and combine battery make it even more beneficial: using average 2-3 solar availability. We provide a variety of auxiliary services (One-Touch Optimization, Freezer, Battery Saver Mode), combined with 10-12 minutes of 1% 60% 13% 15-XNUMX% of cocoa, and so on we can expect a complete afternoon to be sure to pull out the stuff.

Lenovo A5 has thrown away 2% of energy in half a day's standby so that the chip can be productive in cost-saving mode. The supplied charger supplies 5 volts and 2 amperes current in the ideal range (from 30% to 80%) in less than 55-60 minutes, so in the worst case it can safely reach the level within two hours . We did not meet during the heat while we were charging, so the back was well insulated.



Lenovo A5 is a great example of why a that's the money expression. The phone is by and large not nearly perfect, but a moderate amount would be made that you will not be able to find a better deal on the market than that. Let's start with the fact that the 3 GB system memory at this price level is a really rare phenomenon, just like a fingerprint reader, which is otherwise quite useful. Then there is the flash-supported front-panel camera, the optimum surround-quality back-to-back companion, and the Wifi with great power is not worth forgetting. The 5,45 colos display is a kind of gold median, its size is handy, while the 18: 9 aspect ratio is good for reading. Okay, GPS could be more accurate, and backlighting might be a bit more powerful - the automaton slightly parses - but these are things we can live with.

MTK6739 SoC undoubtedly limits the usability of A5, so you should be aware of it, but this smartphone will stand out perfectly when you are in the picture about its capabilities. Lenovo's children were born to face simple, everyday challenges - browsing, managing social media, mailing, etc. It's a good idea to get a taste of this world, as the operating system is up to date, the resources available in most of the cases are enough to launch "everything" and try it out - now the other question is in what quality. From this approach, A5 can be seen as a first step, a pleasant entry card, and then if the years go by, then a successor to a stealthier admission can come.

At the end of the test, we came to the conclusion that the gadget confidently increases the minimum usability requirements, so we can offer you a relaxed heart if you look at this price level. For this reason, this is a very good offer, if you plan to buy more money, then you will certainly find better solutions, but Lenovo A5 is no matter how fair, sympathetic, lovable!

Lenovo A5 is currently available on Gearbone (click on the picture), its price is $ 89,99. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


A GBMPLOI8 With a coupon code, Lenovo A5 is for a limited time 85,99 dollar, so it's definitely an unbeatable offer!

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