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We've tried it and know everything you could expect from a classroom, you do not even have to put on your pants.

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I did not wear a watch for many years because I felt I did not need it, and anyway, I always had my phone when I wanted to know what time it was. Then last year because of the tests I started wearing wristbands, and I realized that these wearable smart devices were no longer the watches I remembered long ago. Lightweight, practical, waterproof. Nice to slow down before I realized I was wondering about the exact time on my wrist, starting the music I was listening to or listening to when my message came.

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So I've been wearing a wristwatch for some time. Nothing fancy, exterior looks pretty simple, but he knows a lot. That's why I watch the lessons in my favorite web shop more and more, so my eyes on SMA 09.

It was not his knowledge, but the outer one that made me aware of it. It's a cheaper category, but it does have an hour-long look, it's not self-evident, but clearly visible in a trendy, traditional round shaping.

After studying my knowledge, I decided to order one of them. I will not replace my current watch, but I was very curious about what the 60 dollar is about, because the pictures often show the object of our desires more beautiful at the department stores' pages.


The SMA 09 comes in a simple black box. On Youtube, you can find uncompressed videos where the clock on the top of the box is on, but you've been spotted over time. It is suspicious that they sell more types of watch in this single box, but we do not have to be interested in this, we will not carry the box next to us, but the clock on our wrist.

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There is information on the bottom of the black cardboard packaging, for example, there is a fairly long list of capabilities. You can see that you need to use either Android or iOS phone. From the capabilities the weather report does not work iOS, and Siri is an Android phone. The full list will be published at the end of the article.

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Opening the box lid on the left side of the clock, on the right side there is a small box, or a storage compartment has reached the box cover. From this we can conclude that we will find several accessories, but that is not true. The cover covers only the instructions for use, fortunately in English, while the smaller box has a charging cable. So much about the accessories, we really will not need anything else.

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The manufacturer

Shenzhen Smart Care Technology Limited, or SMA, is, as its name suggests, a company specializing in the manufacture of wearable smart devices. We do not know anything about their company or the foundation of their website, and the most important information is that a Hong Kong designer who plans more than 10 years of planning plans their lessons. This is a useful illustration in the enclosed figure, maybe I would not have ordered this clock if that was not the case. With the little information we get a video of the company, that's worth checking out.

SMA 09 from the outside

As I wrote above, the first images of SMA 09 were captured. I do not like chicken things, for example, I hate the big, colorful, rubbery sports watches. I'm a fan of traditional, say conservative things, so you will like a smart guy if it does not look like a watch for a science fiction movie.

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Well, the SMA 09 point is like this. It's a lookout for an hour, a round like an old-fashioned wristwatch, and whatever you want leather or metal straps. I stayed in the skin, the metal seemed a bit unisex based on the pictures. The round house is not too thick, not too bulky, it's pretty easy to believe we're wearing a traditional watch. It is not full of buttons, just one of the traditional pull-up buttons that is deceptive enough to actually turn the clock off and on, or if the display turns off during use, we can wake up.

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As I wrote, I ordered a leather belt version. Well, if it's a leather belt, I'll eat my hat. Rather, it seems as if a thin skin layer was applied on a soft medium. Say we can not expect more for your price. The skin is felt, the strap is not too tough but not soft and comfortable. I do not know how to wear 35 degrees, how much to sweat it on my wrist, but it's okay now.

SMA 09 capabilities

Outside the outside is very important what to expect from a classroom. Well, the SMA 09 is about as much as it is on the datasheet, because we're in Boeing for both memory and mass storage, and then I've been finishing it up. That is, at this hour do not expect anyone to install any kind of programs later on. I know the system I know, I know that it can be rolled through ADB, but in that case, I did not see any sense of it.

Fortunately, the clock has been installed on programs that we would otherwise use on a daily basis, and the clock has the skills that we need. These are the following:

  • Messaging sync
  • step Count
  • Gentle alarm
  • Sleep monitor
  • heart Monitor
  • Telefonkönyv
  • dialer
  • Call List
  • Bluetooth music
  • Remote control of camera
  • File manager
  • Naptár
  • Alarm
  • Stopper
  • Calculator

As we will see no visible capabilities, it is a question of how well the clock works.

Phone App

The easiest way to find the clock program is to find the QR code icon and read the code with your phone. On the on-screen page, you can choose whether to download for Android or iOS, then go for fun!

sma 09 app 1 sma 09 app 2 sma 09 app 3

The program is very appealing and transparent, it is really profitable. On the main screens, you can see sports, sleep, blood pressure, and settings for all applications that are installed on your phone.

This software was especially positive. As with the clock, it is not so much fun, but it does honor it. As I say, a picture says more than a thousand words, and we do not have just one picture, so look at them.


I have a bad attribute, I can not write a quick article. More specifically, writing is fast, but I use it for weeks before I can really give a reasoned opinion.

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I also had the SMA 09 watch for a while, and I must realize that it was not a Xiaomi, so I was finally happy to get my watch back. But, and here's a big one, so that half the SMA 09 is half as much as Xiaomi, and theoretically it's so much less that there is no GPS. Of course, there is also a different user interface, basically just like any of the cheaper Android smartphones.

SMA proved to be surprisingly useful in everyday life. First, I was frightened of it because after installing the software and connecting the clock and phone, I started working as a speakerphone. For example, to show the phone's phone hours to synchronize your contacts and everything else I had to wear so that I could just call you to yell at my watch and what everyone else's around me say is around me. This solution was so useful in one place, in the car, while driving, where the window was a perfect speakerphone if it was not pulled out. Anyway, the clock is a dialer, so even in our pocket, we can call and receive calls.

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Then, while browsing the settings, I realized that I can only disable the phone feature on Bluetooth, and messages continue to sync messages, such as remote control of the camera.

It's good to remind me, I did not even say that, we can control the music and the camera from the clock, so we can make good pictures of ourselves even several feet away if we find a safe place for the phone.

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Using the clock anyway is not really a craze. Specifically, you do not have to have a diploma, it's horrible to know. The interface is quite normal, it responds well and responds accurately, and in contrast to Xiaomival, the backlight is switched on at a good pace when I turn it in front of my eyes.

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Interestingly, even heart rate measurements were complete. True, I counted the drumming with my finger in the head, it was never as much as the clock showed, but there was no big difference, so at least we could track the beat perfectly well. The pedometer also worked well for the pulse. Of course, counting down the slump from yourself will never be the most accurate, but our daily activity can be traced well.


How can we close this article? By the fact that SMA 09 first liked me first. Secondly, he was very frustrated with the loudspeaker function that can not be switched off, and then turned out to be off. Finally, I realized that this watch is really in the price, so we get the level of what we expect from an 60 dollar hour.

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He knows everything he promises, there is no trick. So, if you want cheap wrist watches on your wrist, then buy it. It may well be enough for you to quickly realize that you like this smart thing, and if that's the case, you'll soon order that piece of 100-150 dollars that you'll be happy with.

I ordered from here: SMA 09 smart

Attention, at the moment of writing this article, there is still a $ 39 watch for silver-colored metal strap if you win this prize!