Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT smart - for the athletes and who want to believe that they are

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For sports and everyday life, it is easy to fall in love with the Xiaomi wrist watch

Xiaomi Amazfit Watch

Nowadays, smart watches are becoming more and more popular. There was a bit of bang for the companies that could wear the wearable devices because they did not want customers to accept that they really needed such gadgets for a long time. It is no wonder the watches carry a lot of pediatric illness, so the years had to go to the required level both in knowledge and in price and not as a toy of a tight money elite, but also useful accessories for the general public.

We can see many kinds of witches, but this is just a semblance. Basically, they all know, of course, with smaller differences, and sometimes smaller, sometimes greater differences in quality. What makes a difference is the direction in which the clock approaches everyday use. Part of them is the average use, and another bigger group is sporty. However, both types know what the other one is, just for example in sporting lessons, we can not choose 100 from 30 different dial-ups.

Xiaomi Huami Watch AMAZFIT box

Xiaomi has become one of the most prominent Chinese manufacturers today. The departure was not so long ago, it's not yet eight years since they announced the establishment of the company. In the elapsed time, Xiaomi is among the biggest among the phones, with different positions in the country. In India, for example, they were the first in the fall, but they are likely to be in the best 10 anywhere. In the field of wearable smart devices, however, they are clearly among the biggest, they have been in the top three for years, a year when most of the devices were sold.

The Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT smart is the most advanced wearable smart device for the company, but not long, because the offspring is already pre-ordered. Of course, its price is still in the stars of the stars, but that's understandable. However, the price of the first generation has been decreasing for months, and we can now buy it under certain 90 dollars for some deals. And this is a very low price for the knowledge, the skills that this watch has taught. The more you read, the manufacturers approach the clever question in two directions. Xiaomi has chosen the sporty line.

Design and appearance

Design is what gives the individuality of an hour. With Xiaomi, we have become accustomed to striving to achieve a clean, simple yet premium exterior. They do not use unnecessary decorative elements, and fortunately we can not see the terrible motifs that 5-10 had on almost every Chinese product. The clock is made of ceramic, just like the Xiaomi MIX and MIX 2 back of the phones. This ceramic is the third hardest material in the earth, only the sapphire and diamonds overflow, so scratching can only be with these two materials. If you do not have a diamond ring, you will not be able to offset the surface of the clock frame. The glass above the display can of course scratch, but if we get it, a glass film will be an almost invincible hour.

Xiaomi Amazfit 1

The Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT wrist watch will be picked up for the first time. The strap is made of silicone, and is really soft and silky. Of course it is important to feel the strap comfortable, but more importantly, it does not sweat your skin underneath it. This is a top priority during sports! The clock controls are not found. There is one button on the frame, so you can turn it on or off. The rest of the control and settings are made through the touch screen display and telephony applications. On the outside, we need to talk about the size and weight of the watch. The house is 4,5 x 4,5 x 1,2 centimeter, of course, as it looks, it is not square, it is circular, and its mass is only 54 grams, which we do not feel when using.


Xiaomi Amazfit 4

The Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT uses a touch-sensitive IPS display to display data. The display diameter is 1,34 col, the resolution is 320 x 300. Unfortunately, the genius of the panel does not appear in the images. Surprisingly, the clock can be used extensively in the sun, and in many cases the greater the light, the more visible the image, even if you do not use the backlight. I do not know how much it is worth, maybe behind the panel there is something that reflects the light, but it is a fact that in most cases there is no need for the backlight to turn on. This, on the one hand, makes it more convenient to use the clock and increases the operating time on the other hand. The display of the clock is perfect, but nobody should expect to see the sharp colors on the promo image. This is true for every class, the pictures are very tricky.

Hardware and Performance

One of the most important measurements of today's smart lessons is the built-in memory, the amount of RAM. It's important to have more, because that's enough for multiple programs to run simultaneously without snooping. In the Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT smart clock, however, with the 1,2 GHz processor, only 128 MB RAM is found and the built-in storage is only 512 MB. However, this amount is enough to keep the clock running smoothly and smoothly. How is this possible? It's not Android Wear but a unique system running on it. The crowd is considered to be the biggest mistake of the clock.

Xiaomi Amazfit 2

Android Wear gives you a lot of freedom, lots of apps, so almost all Android apps can be installed on the clocks. This, in turn, requires a lot of resources for both processor, memory and mass storage. I would add that most of the apps are completely unusable for one hour, because although the images look good on Google Maps on the faceplate, it's unmanageable in practice, and I just want to navigate it for the most extreme need. The Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT is closed thanks to the unique system, but in my opinion it still knows everything a modern classroom needs to know. For example, there is GPS. This helps you accurately measure the distance traveled and, with well-functioning pedal counts, burns calories, delivers professional data while playing sports to improve our performance and improve it.

Battery and connectivity

For wearable smart devices, it's important to pay attention to how long they can work with a charge. We would like to spend an hour or a bracelet and not spend it constantly. If we want to log our sleep cycles, we need to be in our wrists. The Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT smart watch has a lithium polymer battery with 280 mAh. This is a very low capacity compared to a phone, but here it has to drive a small display on the one hand and on the other hand it's not a regular Android system. How long the clock can be used with a charge is greatly influenced by what it is used for. If we only look at the standby time, this can be up to 11 days. Interestingly, but at this time, it's even possible to do this, as we've written, we can see the display in daytime without any backlight. For normal use with a little sport, a small GPS use, but most of the time it works as an hour, but with Bluetooth enabled to see if you have received a message, so with this average usage you can count on 5 days according to factory data, my own experience shows that 5-6 should be charged per day. If you turn on the heart rate monitor and GPS, you get 35 hours of operating time. Fortunately, this pair is worth while we are in sport and we used to use it.

Xiaomi Amazfit 5

In the watch there are two radios outside the GPS. We get WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The former is not a phone quality thing, its range is between 5-10 meters, but the latter, that is Bluetooth, can stay in relation to up to 10 meters. True, this is basically unnecessary because WiFi- is mostly used to update the software - we get enough repair and other little things - while we're copying the music over Bluetooth and listening to them with a Bluetooth headset while running. Again, referring to the factory data, you can copy the 500 song to the clock and handle it. We could not verify this because we could not copy so many numbers in the 512 MB area. There are so many things to do for a few hours of sports. This is, however, very useful, since we do not have to take a phone with it. GPS records the route, music is about the clock. Perfect!

Water resistance

Xiaomi Amazfit 6

Well, when water resistance is discussed, many people can not understand what that value means. The IPxx values ​​represent a standardized resistance to water and dust. For dust, the scale is 6- while the water is divided by 7. In English, if you mark IP67 for an hour or phone, the highest degree in both cases is indicated. This does not mean that all devices have the same capabilities as IP67, but there is a minimum value they need to achieve. We care about water resistance more than an hour. For example, you might want to shower or swim in them. As a minimum, water resistance must last for at least half an hour, up to a maximum 1 meter depth. That is, the answer is yes, we can swim in the Xiaomi's waking hours.

Fitness skills

As we have repeatedly pointed out, this watch is tailored to the needs of athletes. This does not mean that it would be useless on weekdays, but we should consider things that at least half of the dials are designed so that they can easily be read in sports, show burned calories, distance traveled, and the like. When we first set up the clock, we have to provide data and what we want to see how many pounds we want to push. To achieve this we get a workout plan. Do not think about telling how many prams should be done or how much to walk. It tells you how much calories we need to burn to get the plan out. You can also see the number on the face-to-face when compared to the daily plan.

xiaomi amazfit pace

Walking, jogging, cycling and hiking are all about the clock, and even the treadmill and the ellipse trainer can be met in a measurable way. In outdoor sports, it records all the data, including the route, not just in terms of length. When you get home synchronized with your phone, you can see where we were going. You can record the heartbeats of your heart, watching how the fat burns, and we can see how fast and how fast we ran, so we really get all the data to make our work more effective. In order to keep track of the effectiveness of the training, we do not have to be more than one Xiaomi smart scalesand we have also come to the world of professional sports.

Xiaomi Huami AMAZING smart - the daily companion


The Xiaomi Wing Hour will be a loyal companion every day. We do not have to work hard to enjoy the benefits. You can pair with iPhones or Android devices, so you can signal vibration when you receive a message, whether it's an email, an SMS, or a Facebook message. I've used some similar structures, but maybe that's what I like the most. You do not have to call the phone when I get a message, look at the clock, and I know it's important and I have to react or I'll be able to do so later.

Xiaomi Amazfit Chart 1 Xiaomi Amazfit Chart 3
Xiaomi Amazfit Chart 4 Xiaomi Amazfit Chart 5

The following functions are displayed on the display:

  • Select sports activity and related settings, such as alarms with high heart rate
  • Hours, depending on the account, displaying many types of data
  • Weather forecast
  • Daily goal and where we are compared
  • heart Monitor
  • Music Playback
  • Alarm clock
  • Compass
  • Stopper
  • sleep Monitor
  • Training center - Our progress in fitness, different plans, half marathons, marathons, etc.

Phone App

As you can read about Android and iPhone, you can download the right program from the actual store. We can put almost everything on the phone, and there is something we can only set here. For example, WiFi, for which you can enter your data in the app, then the clock will connect to your home network. We can not complain, we can basically make all settings on the clock display, but it's still more convenient to get them on the phone. So, for example, you can choose to dial the dial, then change the clock well. Different sports are offered by the manufacturer, which is also the name of the plates.

Xiaomi Amazfit Screenshot 1 Xiaomi Amazfit Screenshot 2
Xiaomi Amazfit Screenshot 3 Xiaomi Amazfit Screenshot 4

The phone program is able to monitor our performance, it is worthwhile to synchronize the data after running or hiking. It is important, for example, to display messages in the clock only when the phone is running Amazfit in the background. When stopped, the weather does not update and does not vibrate even if we have received a message. Many times after the reconnection, everything is canceled, then we can clear it from the clock. Not that it is so complicated, it's good if you know about it.

The program is very well-understood and easy to use. She does not know Hungarian, but she can perfectly manage it with a minimum of angola, because she helps us to find out the charts.

Xiaomi Amazfit 3

Important things about the clock:

  • Compatibility: Android (OS 4.4 or later); iPhone (iOS 8.0 or later)
  • Water resistance: IP67 waterproof means the depth should not exceed one meter and the usage time is 30
  • The clock is available in two versions: English and Chinese. The difference between the two versions is only the user interface and display language
  • The full charge of the clock is approx. 3 takes hours
  • The WiFi distance is approx. 5 - 10 meters, while Bluetooth operates within a range of approximately 10 meters
  • The clock is 1,34 with 320 x 300 pixel resolution and 12 mm thickness
  • The clock does not require a SIM card, only needs to connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • Hours of standby time up to 11 days, normal use 5 days, 35 hours with continuous GPS tracking
  • The clock can only be connected to one phone at a time
  • The phone app does not show any data or sub-number on the go after the synchronization with the clock
  • The clock and calendar show the exact time after synchronizing with the phone, it does not have to be or can not be set separately

xiaomi amazfit smartwatch orange 01 14440 1479810291

I tried to put it all in the article, but I still have a lot of things to remember when reading it later. This is not a novel, it's just a little test or presentation, so I do not want to offer it any more, but if someone has a question about the clock, you can ask me in the comments and try to answer it. The clock has been used for about one and a half months since I wrote this article so I had some experience and experience that I would love to share with anyone!

I ordered from here: Xiaomi Huami Amazfit wonders


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Hi, any apk you want me to go to here (gps progzi) should go to the stand alone, feasible google play install thank you for the answers, thanks.
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