Hipster Jacket for Xiaomi Mode!

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There is simply no area in life where there is no unexpected idea for Xiaomin - so we love them so much.

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90FUN Stylish Hooded Down Jacket from Xiaomi youpin - 139,00 Dollars

Due to the brand new coat of the well-known manufacturer, 90fen's brand new coat. At first glance, the product does not show any glittering things: IPX7 authentication (water resistance) or gabardine material (densely woven wool fabric that is perfectly customizable and comfortable). From the feather-coated jacket to the point, we would assume that it is ideal for autumn months, since it does not look so thick that it does not frost in winter. Well, then surprise can come!

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The jacket is really just from the outside pointing to an ordinary product, within which the situation is quite different, as it has a very serious electronic heating system. The thing is that we put an external battery in one of our pockets (power bank) and we'll have to connect it to the jacket - the picture above. When this is done, the jacket turns the energy from the battery into heat, we will perceive the following areas: neck, waist, back. Of course, this mechanism will not always be active, the heating automatically switches off when the temperature exceeds a certain limit (between 40 ° C and 50 ° C), and also with the help of a button we can switch off the heating itself. Developers say the system has undergone thorough testing (short circuit and overheating protection), so its use will not be shocking. The black color is fixed, the size can of course be changed: S, M, L, XL and 2XL.

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The jacket can be purchased at discount rate until October 19. In fact, this is not a penny stuff, and of course it is also true that the good room is less convincing than when we wait for the bus outside the minuses ...