Yet will be a back-finger fingerprint reader on Xiaomi Mi 9?

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In recent days, most guesses have surrounded Xiaomi's new flagship.

xiaomi mi 9 leaked

Based on a photo, it seemed that the phone had a front-glass fingerprint reader, but according to a recent picture, it would not be complete. The demo shown in the photo has a cover on its entire surface, which hides the details from the curious eyes, but it is also obvious that in the middle of the back panel that big hole should be nothing but a fingerprint scanner.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Fingerprint Scanner

This probably means that Mi 9 will be available in several versions, so it is likely that there will only be another Explorer or Pro version that comes with the scanner under the glass, while cheaper versions will continue to use the back cover. What is certain is that there are three cameras in this picture, which in turn is a question of what the two small holes in the upper right corner can be. Waiting for your tips!