Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is given a new color and new packaging

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The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 smartcatcher is undoubtedly one of the company's best selling products.

I band 3 1

Immediately after the release in May last year, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 dropped all the records, continuing its glorious march. The bracelet, in addition to being really important in one thing, has faithfully followed the Xiaomi tradition, and this is the packaging. Nothing on the completely ornate white box meant that it contained one of the world's most popular smartphones. This is now being changed by Xiaomi. New Year celebrates with new colors and packaging. The box has grown, the lower part of the box clearly shows the color of the strap in the bracelet. I think it is difficult to argue with the fact that the new packaging is really beautiful, worthy of the hidden product. We can only welcome the new straps, they are not ostentatious, but they are more prominent than the traditional black silicone.

I band 3 2

If you would like to have an Xiaomi Mi Band 3 smartcatcher then click here: Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (this is the old packaging)