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Shuttle XS3510MA: dream come true

Shuttle XS3510MA: dream come true

Long time ago, when 286 processors lived its gold life I bought an audio card to my first computer. It was not cheap against the fact it was mono and had not game port neither, but sound came from computer.

Shuttle XS3510MA

After a few years a Dell 486 multmedia (you can imagine how multimedia was that) device I saw the first motion picure which was really-really small at those monitors, but Buzz Lightyear ran there. I tought that time, it would be good to watch movies and play games on TV with a connected computer.

Shuttle XS3510MA: dream come true 1

Unfortunatelly I had to wait for the first REAL multimedia machine, but I never gave up my dream to build a computer next to the TV Set. I bought my first VIVO supporting graphic card when Pentium 2 gained. VIVO is the short version of video input, video output. These card could send and recieve video sign.

The only problem was I have money for one computer so it could not a real HTPC. Of course this term have not been existed neither. I used a long cable to the video output. The TV Set was in the other room so the sound strained how it could. I bought a Panasonic tuner which size was like a VHS casette recorder. That was not a problem and I could watch TV at the monitor and record programmes. I should not tell that was coriosity but there was less personal computer too.

The name of the game is my dream came true and got a HTPC which built by my own theory and I used a lot of hardwares. 

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